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How to Counter Every Special Weapon in the Game(For New Players)

Pretty good I like it.
Sorry if i’m Whining, but all the above just seems to be common sense within Splatoon 2 in general. As an S+ ranked player I can’t really see anything particularly ground breaking in this guide, but then again there doesn’t seem to be many ways to deal with specials in the first place.

I think this guide would work best for newer players who are just playing their first few hours of the game, and so know little or none of the strategies used by more experienced players.

So I’m a nutshell: nothing new and of note, but useful for new players.
Yeah this guide was meant for newer players or people who just wanted to know how. I hadn't seen anything like this so I had to learn it all on my own so I wanted others to have a way to find it
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