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How to set up IkaLog and stat.ink for battle result tracking!

stat.ink is an inkredible tool for saving all your battle stats, but can be a little tricky to set up, depending on your specific capture hardware and drivers. This guide was written to be a simple step-by-step guide to get IkaLog up and running with your capture device so that your stats will be submitted to your stat.ink account.

  • A video capture card. I'm using an AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme (GC550), but most any other should work. (fingers crossed...) Make sure to test that it's working using its default capture software before trying to get it to work for this.
  • Windows (IkaLog may also work on other platforms, but this guide is for Windows only)
(If you don't have these requirements, you may still be able to use other methods...)

1080p vs. 720p

Short version: 1080p Wii U output will work with this method (it's what I use), but 720p will give the most accurate tracking in IkaLog.
Splatoon internally renders at 1280x720 (720p). Because of this, IkaLog works best when given 720p video directly from the Wii U. If you are comfortable using 720p output on your Wii U, you can find out how to do this here.

If you are not comfortable setting your Wii U to 720p, you can still use IkaLog when your Wii U is set to 1080p by scaling the video down to 720p before sending it to IkaLog. When using this method there will be decreased stat tracking accuracy, especially relating to weapon recognition, inkling tracking, and Tower Control/Rainmaker tracking.

This guide covers scaling it down to 720p, regardless of how your Wii U is set. I have been using 1080p output from my Wii U with AmaRecTV and it's been working very well so far.
Step 1: Set up your Wii U
  • Set your Wii U TV Settings to have the largest Screen Size. (See example here)
Step 2: Send Video to IkaLog

Option 1: Send Video Directly to IkaLog
Recommended if you are not streaming or recording from your capture card.
Coming soon!
Option 2: Use AmaRecTV to Send Video to IkaLog
Recommended if you are also streaming or recording from your capture card.
Step 1: Set up AmaRecTV
  1. Install AmaRecTV by copying the contents of the zip file onto your computer.
  2. Run "live_setup300.exe", found inside of the AmaRecTV folder, to install the "live" module which will allow IkaLog to capture AmaRecTV's output.
  3. Run AmaRecTV by opening "AmaRecTV.exe".
    1. Note: It might ask you to install AMV4 Video codec.It's not required, but won't hurt if you install it.
  4. Set "Graph 1(Device)" to be your video capture card and choose the resolution and fps to match your Wii U/capture card:
    1. If you do not see your device in the Video Capture Device list then you cannot use AmaRecTV. Use Video Option 3 instead.
  5. Set "Graph 3(Live)" to "Live Enable" at the bottom and choose 30fps Frame rate and Resize to 1280 x 720. This resize to 720p is important for IkaLog to work!
  6. In the "Hotkey" tab, uncheck "Global hook" for all hotkeys.
  7. Click OK and you should see the video output from your capture card in AmaRecTV if everything worked correctly. If not, IkaLog will not work.
Step 2: Set up IkaLog
  1. Install IkaLog by copying the contents of the zip file onto your computer.
  2. Open WinIkaLog_en_NA.BAT for North American Splatoon or the BAT file for your region if you're not playing North American Splatoon.
  3. Make sure that AmaRecTV is selected as the Video Input under Options
  4. Click "Apply" and close IkaLog to make sure the settings are saved.
  5. Open IkaLog again using the correct BAT file.
  6. Select "Preview" at the top. You should now see that IkaLog is outputing the output from AmaRecTV, which is outputing your capture card:
Option 3: Capture Video from Desktop
Recommended if you are also streaming or recording from your capture card but AmaRecTV does not recognize your capture device.
Coming soon!

Step 3: Create and Link a stat.ink Account
  1. Visit stat.ink and register for an account by clicking the "Guest" icon at the top left of the page.
  2. Once you're registered, go to your user settings to get your API Key
  3. Click on the icon beside "API Key" to reveal your API Key. Copy this.
  4. Paste your API Key inkto IkaLog's stat.ink Options menu and check off "Post game results to stat.ink"
  5. Click Apply
That's it!

Play a battle and you should see your battles results appear on your stat.ink account! :D

  • The IkaLog Starting Guide has more inkformation on getting things set up, but might be a little too much detail for the average user. Hopefully this guide can prove to be a bit easier for some people...
  • AmaRecTV:
    • Newer versions of AmaRecTV are available, but version 4 does not work for me (it hangs on launch)
    • AmaRecTV has been slightly unstable for me. Sometimes it's video freezes (both in the AmaRecTV window and the "live" stream to IkaLog)
    • When opening AmaRecTV it sometimes triggers a bug in AverMedia drivers that causes a blue screen crash in Windows. This only has happened when opening AmaRecTV. This is a problem with the AverMedia drivers, but from my experience this problem does not happen with OBS.
  • When using AmaRecTV: If Ikalog isn't working because it's detecting 16:10 video, change the preview window image to 16:9 by right-clicking the window's video and choosing "Aspect & Scan".
Addendum: How to Stream (or Record) with OBS while using IkaLog

You might find that you are no longer able to use your video capture card with OBS when AmaRecTV is running (or vice-versa). This is because most capture cards can only be used by one program at a time. To get around this problem I have successfully been able to stream my Wii U at close-to-perfect 1080p60 while AmaRecTV is running by using a window/monitor source in OBS to capture the desktop video output of AmaRecTV. By configuring AmaRecTV to output game audio to virtual audio cables, you can pipe the game audio directly into OBS through a DirectShow Audio plugin so that it doesn't get duplicated through your PC speakers. This audio plugin also gives you control of game audio volume as you'd expect if you were using your capture card directly in OBS.

For my setup, I hook my PC up to my 1080p TV over HDMI and extend my desktop to it. Once the desktop is extended onto my TV, I switch my TV back to my Wii U so that I can play normally -- but this extra 1080p desktop space is perfect for full-screening AmaRecTV, allowing me to use OBS to capture this 1080p AmaRecTV window for the stream while letting me use my PC monitor as I normally would for monitoring chat, OBS, etc. AmaRecTV also hides the cursor when in full screen, so this makes for perfect capture into OBS without me accidentally showing my mouse.

Please let me know in the discussion if you want a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up OBS capture while using IkaLog and I'd be happy to provide it! :)
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