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L-3 Nozzlenose D

A limerick

  1. WiseSquid

    The best, yet humble L-3
    Its always coming with me
    I first throw a bomb
    then like in 'nam
    Follow up with a nice spree

    This is the basis of shooting
    A statement not worth refuting
    If it must be done quick
    Do a bomb flick
    Then start ink diluting.

    When pushing the button you fire 3 shots
    The time this takes in action is lots
    So if you need to go
    'cause they're setting you aglow
    Use a bomb instead, you clutz

    But how do you charge your special so fast?
    Kraken comes out and is built to last
    So to set my opponents a-sinking
    I use efficiency inking
    to perform a Giant squid blast!

    So what is efficiënt? you might say
    Well, shoot straight ahead, it's okay
    And if you encounter some things
    Like a cushion with wings
    Shoot over it, make a play

    Now you are neigh unstoppable.
    Your teammates will think you unswappable
    The woomy is yours
    They'll praise you in scores
    And any excess will be droppable​
    RedAccentz, WowItsCharles and IoCal like this.

Recent Reviews

  1. Posso
    This limerick was so very helpful
    Giving 4 stars or less is just mental
    I'll give it a 5
    So that you can strive
    To actually make something helpful


    Jk this was actually really fun to read, thanks for the laugh. :P
    1. WiseSquid
      Author's Response
      I'm afraid you' re allready passed your prime
      You see, your limerick does not rhyme
      Its a thing most sad
      That your roast was so bad
      And you cant use the same words, you slime

      I to am only joking
      there is no need to go soaking
      In a see of cold bitter rage
      because its better to be a sage
      then of high blood pressure, croaking
  2. SwimShady
    A Haiku:

    Squids ignore the Nose
    They think not of its power
    Until I splat them
    1. WiseSquid
  3. SquiliamTentacles
    10/10 most helpful limerick.
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