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Mini Splatling Guide

The Mini Splatling is my favorite weapon in Splatoon. It is seriously under rated, and it can easily beat almost any 1v1 if played correctly.

Main Weapon:
The Mini Splatling is the lightest of all the Splatlings, it has the fastest charge, but shortest range and duration of fire. It has the same damage output as the Heavy Splatling and the Hydra Splatling (note: When fully charged the Hydra Splatling does more damage per shot). This means that this is the most offensive weapon of all the Splatlings, while the Hydra is the most defensive, and the Heavy can be played either way. Playing along with a Shooter can benefit you, so when you make mistakes you still have support. Using partial charges will help you a lot, and I have found you don’t even have to half charge the Mini to get a kill. However you won’t need to be using partial charges as much as with the Heavy and Hydra, due to its fast charge time. Being aggressive and out maneuvering your opponent is key, due to you having a weapon that has a start up time. Getting behind them and partial charging your weapon to get a kill is quite efficient. Since this weapon doesn’t have absolutely trash mobility, you can still move around with your full charge. You have more range than most common shooters (Splattershot, Nzap, .52 Gal) you can kill them before they can do the same to you. Also once you release your charge you will output way more damage per second, along with a fast fire rate. This is why I love this thing so much. It charges fast and just out classes most common shooters in my book. Just don’t get caught in a situation with no charge, but if you do try to out maneuver and use your quick charge to take them out.

Sub Weapon:
This weapon does not benefit from burst canceling, because well, it has a charge time. But a Burst Bomb still helps with mobility, and being able to climb up walls fast without having to charge. If you are stuck in a close range situation, throw a burst bomb, out maneuver, and then barely charge and finish them off. This is what makes this set strong. What makes this set weak is patched by the burst bomb, which improves mobility and can get you out of sticky situations.

Special Weapon:
Tenta Missles. Arguably the worst special in the game, but it can still see some use here. Similar to the Heavy Splatling in Splatoon 1, you can use your special to force enemies into certain areas. And if you get there fast you can get an easy kill, because while they are trying to swim away, you are already waiting to shoot. If you played the Heavy Splatling in Splatoon 1, you know that the Ink Strike can help you manipulate enemy movement. Well Tenta Missles is like a nerfed Inkstrike that can hit multiple targets, it is also similar to an Echolocator, in which you can see where your enemy is moving. So in some ways it is better than the Inkstrike this way.

Recommended Modes:
I would recommend Turf War, Splat Zones and Rainmaker. This set is pretty good at covering turf, I have gotten 1200 points of turf in Turf Wars before. So it can also be good at Splat Zones in this way, Tenta Missles are good in Splat Zones if you target people in the zone, you can push them out and cover turf inside of the zone. Rainmaker is good because you are going to be killing a lot, and this set is decent at breaking the Rainmakers shield. It isn’t good at Tower Control or Clam Blitz though. Since it isn’t good at really close range, it’s hard for a Mini to be in the tower. And it just isn’t mobile enough for Clam Blitz, and isn’t the best at defense.

Gear Recomendations:
Run Speed Up-Helps with mobility
Ink Saver Main-Helps shoot for even longer without needing a refill on ink
Ink Recovery-Similiar to Ink Saver Main, get ink back faster
Ink Saver Sub-3 Burst Bombs!
Sub Power Up-5row those Burst Bombs further

Set Changes:
If I were to change the Sub and Special, I would have a Splat Bomb or Suction Bomb, to help with defense. As for a special I would want Splashdown as a panic button, for those close combat situations.
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