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Moray Towers: Everything I see. (Guide Version 2.0)

This is a quick overview of the new map Moray Towers and some of the strategies for it.

  1. Grimlai
    Moray Towers is one of our newer maps, a close quarters one that I honestly think is in the single player mode. (I think it's the first one where the sniper Octarians first show up.) I'm Grimlai, and today I'm going to show you what I see in Moray Towers. What I am going to do is mark up the things that make up Moray Towers, and today I'm going to talk about some of the useful information that pertains to this twisty turny run-and-gunny map.

    When you first start out the match, you have 2 main options, demonstrated in this "spoiler" as the Red Path and the Blue path. See here.
    Map Paths.jpg
    The Red Path is a straight, direct, no-nonsense, one-way ticket to the center, but it's not entirely one way; later on I'll demonstrate some of the walls that can be inked and swum up. However, going back up the Red Path takes some time and is thus not recommended unless you have the time. This path is certainly more direct, but it can also be very dangerous, as once you leap into the center, you have to have some preparations to get away from the fray. However, you do have the much safer option to simply not jump and remain sniping at a range, but this is only recommended if you are playing a ranged weapon, such as a Splatling or a Charger.

    The Blue Path, however, is a twisty turny lengthy process to get to, but one of the advantages of it is the fact that if you find trouble in the center, you can simply walk back up eternally. It also gives you a scenic tour of all the best sniping spots, either directly passing over them or having them be only a few seconds out of your way. Towards the end, however, you are susceptible to snipers, particularly to E-liter 3k'ers, so exercise caution when going down the last two ramps. Preferably, you would ink the ramps from a safer position, and then when you got to those ramps, you could swim by unseen.

    Don't feel limited to just picking one path, too. If you decide to break away from one path in order to get some spots or take out an enemy, that is perfectly OK. You are not a train, you are not limited to the paths laid out for you. Use a combination of both paths, if you want to; in fact, one variant that I like is to run down the first ramp and then go as if you were doing the red path. It takes you to one of the better sniping points very quickly and very early on in the game.

    Speaking of sniping points, if you need a complete list of sniping points, this image here is where you need to go. All the points are detailed in the spoiler, so if you are playing charger here, this is where you need to go.

    A: While E points are useful in that they each control a large area and two ramps, A is special because it covers the center, the opponent's ramps, and the Splat Zones. Yes, as in BOTH Splat Zones. If you're using an E-Liter 3K, it can even snipe foes in THEIR A point, which is both a blessing and a curse (they can snipe you back). A is also very vulnerable to being snuck up on if the enemy knows what they are doing, so it is wise to have your teammates control the center area.

    B: This area has good control of the center map, and is generally an OK spot. However, it can become a FANTASTIC spot if you are trying to outsnipe another sniper, as the 3 boxes here can be used as cover. However, foes coming up the ramp will ruin your day, so be wary of that. However, this spot gets hugely nerfed in Splat Zones, because everybody wants to be on this point, as it is one of the two splat zones (the other being the opponent's splat zone). Stay alert.

    C: Stand up here, snipe for days. Not as easy to get snuck up on as A, but it doesn't have as much coverage. It also sports a few places to get up on a ledge to sacrifice defense for coverage. Lastly, it can cover the only entrances to the Splat Zones very nicely, making this a huge buff for C point in that mode.

    D: This area can lead into any of the aforementioned sniping spots, or be good on its own. Covers the ramps that lead off the center or the A point very well, and is generally hard to get splatted due to the distance from the opponent's A point and the fact that it's so difficult to get to from the center. Or, at least, if you don't know the trick.

    E: All E points have a few things in common; they cover two ramps and a large area. Fall back to different E points if you are losing. Otherwise, see A.

    Back? OK. Moray Towers may appear to just be the sniper heaven that it is, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve. Those tricks are shown in this image that you see here.
    Places you can Ink.jpg
    See it? This is quite a bit of information to take in, but it's really very simple. Wherever I have circled a wall with a Black Circle, that signifies a wall that you can both ink and swim up. You can also stick sprinklers to these walls, as demonstrated by the green square inside the A circle. All of these areas are also marked with their Sniping positions, too, so you can see how to get to them with those circles. Basically, whenever you see a box with a ramp (like the two I've outlined) they lead to a wall that has been circled with a Black Circle. This includes the two found in the center which lead to A point.

    Also, all of the green areas are other places you can stick a sprinkler, such as on the walls, the boxes, so on and so forth. The place I marked with a green X and the green line near it are interesting, as they cover the blue square very well. This blue square, by the way, means nothing now.

    For Splat Zones, you want to control the ramp that comes off the center VERY much, as it is the path that most players will take to get to your Splat Zone (Shown by the arrow pointing downwards, next to the B). If you need to ink your Splat Zone quickly, use a sprinkler on top of those 2 ramps and that one box, or just throw a Splat Bomb in between them. Also, feel free to use the boxes as cover against on-coming fire. Proper use of ducking behind these areas will allow you to fight back very well against foes.

    Tower Control, though I don't have a nice little graphic for it, has a very simple strategy to it: follow along the tower using the ramps. The Tower has a pathway that goes right between several of the ramps, so you can just chase after it, shoot off all the enemies, and jump on for yourself.

    When it comes to weapon selection, you have a few choices. As always, Shooters are good all-around weapons, particularly the Aerospray lineup due to its heavy emphasis on close range combat. Rollers are good if you want to ink the Ramps, but they can really struggle against a good Charger. Chargers have a field day here, as they get all of their enemies in a line to be sniped. This map can turn Tower Control into Tower Defense. (Drum roll please.) The Inkbrushes can have a lot of fun too, as they don't have to worry as much about their thin mopping area and can instead focus on the close range combat. The Slosher and all Blasters can do alright, but aren't phenominal here. Lastly, since the Splatling does best when in mid range, I would not bring it in here, as its charge can get you killed very easily.

    With that, I bid you adieu, and wish you the best of luck on Moray Towers. Grab your best weaponry and get to splatting, and I will see you next time.


    1. Map_Moray_Towers_2.0_Splat_Zones_Overhead.jpg
    PiyozR likes this.

Recent Updates

  1. Major oopsie, fixed.
  2. Total Rework 8/9/15
  3. Update 2 on 7/15/15

Recent Reviews

  1. Flamelord054
    this guide mostly focuses on chargers in detail but just throws in the rest if yhe weapons later.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I find that, of all the weapons, the chargers are the most technically difficult to play, in general. You are correct, I do feel like there could be a bit more said for the other sets, but Chargers I feel require those real tips. Rollers, however, benefit greatly from the pathways that I mentioned in the article, and shooters benefit well from the wall-climbing options that I mention.
  2. Phlox
    This is a good guide. However, there is a huge mistake in the final image. The blue zone is not the Splat Zone. It's actually located further down, at the ramp under C.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Since you correctly pointed this out, I took the time to remedy that error in the most recent update. Sorry about the misinformation!
  3. mDuo13
    This guide provides very little that cannot be gained just by playing on the stage a couple times.

    I want to see more insight into patterns and advice -- the sprinkler locations and sniping points are a good start, but I also want to see things like -- what's the safest approach to the sniping points? Or, stuff like Splat Zones knowledge: for example, control of the center area tends to be critical for Splat Zones because it facilitates travel to either zone. (Which is extra important, because this map is one where I think it's hardest to sneak into the enemy Splat Zone.)
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I have completely rewritten this article now, thanks to your advice. I thank you for being honest with me about my work, and I hope that this now more accurately reflects what you wanted to see.
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