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Octobrush in Rainmaker

Hello everyone, my name is Silver and I'm a part of Team SRL and I'm here to provide you guys a guide on how to use an Octobrush effectively in Rainmaker. Quite often while we're doing squads will someone in chat ask how the team's Octobrush does so well and even some people have asked me to explain my strats to them and I've decided to answer. So I will be making a series of videos that will cover each map in Rainmaker and talk about my strats for each map.

This videos will cover things liike:

Squid Beakon placements
Hiding spots
And what I do within the first minute.

Squid Beakons are a very important part of any ranked mode as having to take the time to travel from spawn to the objective can be a problem and can result in losses based on the map. For example, on Saltspray Rig it takes roughly 8-10 seconds to get back to the Splat Zones, that's 8-10 seconds the enemy could get on the counter and if your team happens to get wiped at 10 seconds, that is pretty much a loss. And as a weapon with the Beakon, it's your job to ensure your teammates have places to get back into the battle as soon as they possibly can.

Hiding is also important has the range value of the Octobrush is only 25 which ranks it as one of the shortest ranged weapons in the game. As an Octobrush it's not smart for you to run in seeking a fight but instead you should sit and wait them out. You must carefully pick your fights and this is a common thing I see a lot of Octobrushes do, they try to run in and if you don't have the jump on someone, you're most likely going to lose the matchup. So it's best to play smart and wait out the enemy and in Rainmaker, it won't be long till the enemy crosses your path

The first minute of every match is important as this minute can be the deciding factor of how the match will go. On maps such as Blackbelly Skatepark, it won't even take a minute for the match to end so you must be sure to have a route planned out that helps your team by placing Beakons down or assisting in breaking the Rainmaker's shield or just helping in taking turf.

So unlike my past guide, this one will be mostly video based and not all videos are complete so this guide will be updated over time. Keep in mind that I do NOT have an HD capture card so my videos will be in composite but I have done my best to ensure the videos are watchable.

Anyway, let's begin with the maps:

Urchin Underpass

Port Mackerel

More to come...

As stated before, this guide will be updated over time till I have covered all maps. So be sure to keep an eye on this guide. Be sure to check the update page.

Thanks for viewing!
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Latest reviews

Fantastic! I so want to use it ore now!
Nice! I was looking for a video like this! Your guide was very helpful for me! I was wondering why you had damage up mains? How does it help?
Damage Up counters Defense Up and it does give the splash of the Octobrush slightly more range
hey silver great info great vid keep it up
Great, comprehensive guide. Love the beakon placement spots.
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