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Octobrush: The Hidden Gem

Octobrush: The Hidden Gem

Welcome to my first guide here on Squidboards! I will be explaining the fundamentals of the Octobrush, the hidden gem. I will be teaching you the basics, the techniques, what abilities to use, among other things you need if your planning on trying out. or maining, the Octobrush! There has been people before me to make an Octobrush guide, this is my take on it.
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  1. 3. Abilities

    Alright, so here we are. In this update, I will be teaching you which abilities work best for a...
  2. 2. Strategies

    Now, lets talk strategy. This is for people who want to play more offensively, since I've...
  3. 1. Basics

    Alright, so your interested in using, or maining the Octobrush? It is one of the most handy and...

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