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One Jetty Boi

A complete guide to Jet and Custom Jet Squelcher

  1. The Salamander King
    Every day, sad solo queue players pick up the Jet Squelcher, looking at its high range stat and wanting to give it a go.

    It is on the same day in which I see Jets, whether on my team or not, throw the game for their teammates.

    The Jet Squelcher requires some of the best aim and positioning of any weapon in the game, and many players drop the weapon after a few games because of its high skill curve.

    I'm here to teach you how to use it.
    Here is my qualification:

    The Jet Squelcher is unique in the shooter class. It has the longest range of any rapid-fire weapon, and ties with Heavy Splatling, Goo Tuber, and Bamboozler for 4th best range in the game. The Jet has amazing range and accuracy, but an extremely slow killtime and lackluster painting. As a result, learning the weapon requires a lot of patience and mastery.

    When using Jet, you can't play like you would using other weapons. Even other long range shooters like Splattershot Pro or .96 Gal don't share the same playstyle.

    When using Jet, you must be a lot more defensive than you would with most other weapons. Because of its high accuracy requirement, bad painting, and VEEEERRRYYY slow time to kill make close range fights extremely hard to win.It is for this reason that you need to play very far away from the action and focus on supporting your teammates and playing defense. Painting the map, taking out enemies, and making sure the objective isn't in enemy hands is most of your work as a Jet.

    When using vanilla Jet, it is more worthwhile to hang back and make sure the enemy team can't advance too far without getting slaughtered by your range, then push up with your team and attempt to instigate conflict. Your Toxic Mist and Tentamissles aren't going to help you in a short range battle against a Pro or NZap.

    When using Custom Jet, you should do mostly the same thing, but you can also push up a little bit and play a little more aggressively with Burst Bombs. When you need to help with a push, try throwing a few bombs, painting a bit, and popping Sting Ray. Shooting behind and around the objective will help immensely in securing a steady lead.


    The Jet Squelcher works very well on certain maps and modes. Here are a few.
    Shellendorf Institute
    Manta Maria
    Piranha Pit
    Starfish Mainstage (Zones only)
    Inkblot Art Academy
    Port Mackeral
    Walleye Wherehouse
    Kelp Dome
    Musselforge Fitness (Zones only)
    Snapper Canal
    Rainmaker (depends on map)
    Splat Zones
    Clam Blitz
    There might be more, and if there is I'll edit the guide in the future.

    The Jets are decent-good in every mode besides Tower Control. The bad painting, no AOE, very small shots make shooting people on the tower difficult. The CJS is a little better with its Sting Ray, but I still wouldn't use it.

    That's basically all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll find something more to write about later in time.

    Agree? Disagree? Want me to add something? Let me know in the discussion tab.

Recent Reviews

  1. Vernaltick
    Really good just needs more focus on subs.
  2. MotorGamer
    There is a lot of basics, although I feel like it is missing somethings
  3. vanille987
    For a complete guide this feels a bit lackluster.
    What’s there is good and provides good intellect for players getting started with the jet.
    but imo needs more stuff and depth like more information on how to use your subs well and when it’s the best time to pop your special.
    Or what’s the best course of action if you’re being forced in close-quarters.
    Possible technique’s unique to the jet...

    Looking forward to possible updates though since i’m trying to get into the weapon too!
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