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Rapid Blasters: How to use them in Competitive Play

The Underrated Powerful Gem

  1. WalnutCena 2.0
    This is my first Guide so if this is bad I'm sorry I wasted your time.So since the last Weapon Patch (I know I'm late) the Blasters especially the Luna Blaster have been nerfed so you can only get 1-Hit-KO's with only a direct hit,But since the Patch I've seen more Rapid Blasters than before the patch so I might as well make a guide for the Squiddies who want to try this Hidden Gem.

    Part One: Range and Placement

    The Rapid Blaster has some pretty good range as it can be a good pressure weapon and with the Rapid Blaster you have a little bit more range but with a smaller impact Radius. I think you should abuse the Range and play like a 96 gal (defensive). Placement can be a mid range/close range battles with mid range being the more ideal situation.

    Part Two: Abilities

    For me I stack Damage Up since it's already a two hit splat and it can widen the kill range if you do not get a direct hit the first time. You could also do Swim speed up for more Movement and to get out a close range battle to a mid range battle. Abilities may be altered for the Rapid Blaster you use.

    Part Three: Tips
    So finally we come to actually playing this weapon,this weapon will need some practice but you can make this weapon into your top mains. So tip 1, Abuse your Range. The Rapid Blasters have surprisingly mid range like a tentatek but since you have a slow rate of fire (like every blaster) you must use your range wisely as that play like a 96 gal as that be defensive. My second Tip is to always go for the direct hit. I know this still doesn't splat them in one hit with this weapon but, this opens the kill radius a bit wider and this weapon can also pick off Opponents very well.

    Well this is the end. If you are here at the end,thank you for actually reading this and giving a rating (even if it's bad) criticism is ok! Be Honest! So thank you for taking time into reading this.

Recent Reviews

  1. Flamelord054
    Needs more content but what is there is good.
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