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Re-Freshing Simplicity: Splatoon's Noob-Friendly Weapons.

Just started playing? No problem! Learn about some of the most user friendly weapons in Splatoon.

  1. Grimlai
    A gun is only as good as his player, but that doesn't mean that a gun can't be a learning tool to improve the player. Different weapons play differently, and when you are new to the world of Splatoon, choosing a weapon with a low learning curve can really make a difference in how quickly you learn. If you just picked up the game and are looking to get some new weapons, this guide is for you.

    Splattershot Jr.

    This is the first weapon you get, and also one of the most effective, even at high level play. It doesn't have stellar accuracy or range, meaning you really have to rely on close range kills to do much of anything to foes. However, the Splat Bombs can take care of that issue fairly well, as they're fairly basic to use but still very effective. What this gun does best, however, is emphasize the importance of inking turf, as it is very easy to ink via the wide-ish spread of ink combined with the high rate of fire. The Bubbler also emphasizes teamwork, allowing for sharing of the invincibility to multiple allies. It also benefits very well from a particular trick that I discovered; if you activate any Special, your ink tank completely refills. This is useful for if you get jumped.

    Aerospray MG

    Another two weapons that see a lot of play at all levels, the Aerospray lines took the close range combat of the Splattershot Jr. and magnified it by a ton. While the sub weapons of the Aerospray lines aren't as effective as the Splattershot Jr.'s, it still has a field day in the most basic of areas; Turf Wars. I recommended the Aerospray MG over its brother the RG, due to the fact that the Seeker and Inkzooka combo allows for some decent long range combat, and the MG requires a lower level to obtain than the RG. Still, the RG is not to be underestimated.

    N-Zap '85

    All the speed of the Splattershot Jr., with the accuracy and range of a regular Splattershot, the N-zap '85 brings the familiar Splat bombs with the easily used and highly effective Echolocator, which prevents you from getting snuck up on and teaches the importance of map awareness. The Echolocater also benefits highly from the fact that Specials refill your tank, so this weapon is very effective in that regard. This is one of my favorite weapons, due to how effective and simple its entire kit is.

    Splat Charger/Splatterscope

    While the Kelp Splatterscope remains one of my favorite weapons to date, the regular Splat Chargers and Splatterscopes are very good learning tools for discovering the role of the Charger, due to the ability to (somewhat) dual in melee ranges with the Splat Bombs. Bomb Rush is nice too, for when you need to ink a lot of turf in very little time or otherwise clear a room. Bomb Rush is also one of the simpler ideas for specials: Spam Grenades to win. The Splat Charger has good range and efficiency, making it ideal for picking off opponents.

    A note: The Classic Squiffer was once recommended here, due to the ability to dual in close quarters much easier than the Splat Charger due to its fast charge times and the Bubbler; however, the fact that the Squiffer has such a short range compared to the rest of the group encourages users to get up close to enemies, which is exactly what a charger doesn't like. Yes, the Squiffer CAN fight in melee, but that doesn't mean it SHOULD fight in melee.

    Splat Roller

    This roller and its brother the Krak-On Splat Roller are the crux of the Roller world, as they are the shining example of what a roller plays like. This weapon shows the player that the Roller is a very strong melee weapon, but it still gives the player a safety net in the form of the Suction Bombs and the Killer Wail, which allow for decent long range play. The Krak-On Splat Roller is good for learning the importance of Super Jumping, but its heavy reliance on close-range combat makes it inferior to the regular Splat Roller in terms of learning the weapon.

    All in all, these very simple weapons will get you very far in the Turf War-ld. The ease at which these weapons can ink from both close and far ranges, as well as their important teaching tools such as map awareness and teamwork, will allow new players to join the ranks of the elite in no time. I hope you found some of my musings helpful, and I bid you farewell and good luck.

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  1. A better choice.

Recent Reviews

  1. Helio
    Nice guide. Those are the easier weapons. Honestly All chargers are hard to play as a beginner.
  2. Robotoboy20
    The guide is a decent attempt at giving new players advice on which weapons to go with starting off. The only issue with it is that the Squiffer is definitely not a beginner friendly weapon. I've seen to many new players get smoked for using it. I would replace it with the 52. Gal Deco, or the Scoped Splat Charger... The squiffer is awesome, but for new players it is not.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I see your point, and will make changes as appropriate. Thank you!
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