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Salmon Run: The Ultimate Guide

Salmon Run: The Ultimate Guide

Salmon Run is a co-op multiplayer mode in Splatoon 2 for up to 4 players. It can be played via local multiplayer at The Shoal, or online via Grizzco Industries during certain time slots.
Each Salmon Run consists of 3 waves, 100 seconds each; with each wave the egg basket resets, quota goes up, and there comes the chance for a new event to occur.
To complete waves, collect
Golden Eggs by defeating Boss Salmonids and depositing them at the egg basket. You must collect enough eggs to fill the quota, based on the number of players. If quota is not met before the timer ends or all players are splatted, they will fail the run.
Completing a run will increase the player's pay grade, which also determines the difficulty of runs. If they fail, players are still paid for the
Golden Eggs they collected, but their pay grade may be reduced.
When a player is splatted, a lifesaver will appear at their last position after a few seconds. By inking it, a teammate can save them. If they collected a
Golden Egg before being splatted, it will not be lost and they can deposit it after being revived.
Each player has a different main weapon for each wave, and two uses of a special weapon to last all three waves. These include the Inkjet, Sting Ray, Splashdown or Splat Bomb Launcher. All players' sub weapon is Splat Bomb.
Ink tank/special packets
In Salmon Run, your ink level and special weapon uses are displayed visually. The lifesaver on your back fills up to reflect your ink level. Your special weapon stock appears as two silver packets strapped to your hat, which disappear as specials are used.
There are 6 possible ranks in Salmon Run: Intern, Apprentice, Part-Timer, Go-Getter, Overachiever, and Profreshional.
Completion of a round of Salmon Run gives players Grizzco Points, which they can redeem for bonus prizes at the window outside Grizzco. The reward amount is based on the number of
Golden Eggs and Power Eggs collected and the player's current pay grade. Rewards include Grizzco gear, money, tickets and chunks.

Salmonids are the main enemies in Salmon Run. There are 4 different types.

  • Chums: The most common enemy. Will chase and attack the nearest player with their frying pan.
  • Cohocks: Chums that are larger, slower, sturdier and more powerful.
  • Smallfry: Chums that are smaller, faster and weaker.
  • Snatchers: Blue-haired Chums that do not attack, but steal Gold Eggs left on the ground and run away.

Boss Salmonids are special, powerful Salmonids that give 3
Golden Eggs when defeated. There are 7 different types to be encountered during a standard wave.

Flyfish are flying Boss Salmonids that will hover around, then stop, before locking onto two players and firing Tentamissiles at them.

Toss a bomb into each open crate when the Flyfish stops to fire.
You can also Sting Ray its center or fire cannons into its crates.

  • It is possible to take one out in one go on your own.
  • Help teammates and stand to one side to make it obvious which side you'll be throwing your bomb to.
  • Alternatively, wait for your teammates to throw their bombs first to ensure both crates are destroyed.
  • Sting Rays are very useful to kill Flyfish from afar; aim for their center, the only vulnerable part.
  • Bomb Rush can also be used to kill one quickly in a pinch.
  • Watch out for its exhaust!

Stingers are Boss Salmonids sitting atop a tower of pots who fire accurate Sting Rays.


Shoot the pots until the Salmonid on top falls onto the fire at the bottom.

  • Blasters and rapid-fire weapons are best suited for taking these out.
  • Stingers lock their ray onto one person at a time.
  • They always stay at the edges of the map, meaning you may have to go out of your way to get them.
  • Sting Rays are good at taking these out from afar.

Steelheads are armored Boss Salmonids who toss large bombs from their heads; the bomb is their only vulnerable point.

Shoot the bomb while on its head.
  • Any damage you deal to a Steelhead's bomb is retained even after it throws it.
  • Chargers, Splatlings and Sloshers are best suited for killing these.
  • Since they move slowly, they can be considered low-priority targets.
  • Steelheads cannot damage a player very close to it.
  • They aim their bomb at the closest target.

Drizzlers are Boss Salmonids with indestructible umbrellas they use to fly from point to point. While landed, they fire a missile that creates an Ink Storm, becoming vulnerable after doing so.

Reflect the missile it fires back onto itself.
Shoot it while it's exposed.

  • The most efficient way to kill a Drizzler is by reflecting the missile it fires; this kills it instantly and neutralizes the missile. To do this, the missile and Drizzler must be lined up in your view.
  • They are vulnerable in 2 positions: 1) after shooting a missile, and 2) from underneath while flying.
  • Even if you can't reflect a missile, it's always good to shoot one away and prevent a storm.
Reflecting the Drizzler's missile.

Scrappers are Boss Salmonids that drive in armored cars. They can be temporarily stopped, fully stopped, and shot from behind.

Shoot its vulnerable back .
  • To kill a Scrapper solo, shoot its front until the car breaks down, then move to its back and shoot.
  • You can also have one teammate keep it stopped in front while another shoots its back.
  • Scrappers often come in groups, so be careful.

Maws are Boss Salmonids that swim under the ink, visible by their bobber. When near a player, the Maws will stop, a green ring will appear, and then it will jump up and eat any players atop it.

Toss a bomb onto the green ring that appears before it surfaces.
Not recommended: Shoot the Maws when it surfaces.

  • Maws are most easily killed by throwing a bomb onto its green ring; shooting it when it surfaces will take much more time since it's so sturdy.
  • If it's following you, try to lure it as close to the basket as possible before killing it for easy egg delivery.
  • It is sometimes possible to escape its jaws in the air by holding the control stick away.

Steel Eels are Boss Salmonids piloted from the tail, with a damaging steel head and ink raining down from its back.

Shoot its tail.
  • If it's following you, try to go for its tail in a wide loop so you don't get tangled up in it.
  • Steel Eels follow one person at a time.
Event-specific enemies will be included in the next section.

There are 3 different possible water levels in Salmon Run.
At the beginning of each wave, check the bottom of the screen - the height of the black waves will indicate the tide.
  • Low Tide: A large area of land normally underwater will become exposed and the egg basket will move to it. Cohock Charge is available only in this tide.
  • Mid Tide: The normal amount of land will be available.
  • High Tide: Only a small amount of land will be available. Be careful!

A thick fog will cover the area, decreasing visibility. A special Boss Salmonid, the Goldie, appears in this event. Any tide.

Goldies are golden Chums that are faster, stronger and sturdier. They also get faster the more damaged they are.
  • "This way!" becomes even more crucial in this event; use it when you find a group of bosses or
    Golden Eggs.
  • Don't forget that Goldies are more dangerous than regular Chums.

Two cannons will appear, along with a swarm of Cohocks and bosses. Low Tide only.
  • Swim into the cannon and use ZR to fire powerful, long-distance shots and take out numerous enemies from afar.
  • Have weapons with poor mobility (Chargers, Dynamos, etc.) take the cannons so faster teammates and go in and grab the eggs.
  • If you are in the cannon, watch out for bosses, especially Flyfish and Maws, which can easily go unnoticed.
  • You can kill Flyfish from a cannon by shooting into their open crates.

A large ship will appear in the sky, and Salmonids carrying crates will float down. Shoot airborne crates to get a
Golden Egg. When the Mothership descends to the egg basket, shoot and repel it before it can steal your eggs. Any tide.
  • Shooting as many crates as you can is beneficial here (while fulfilling quota, of course); shooting ones that have already hit the ground prevents Chums and Cohocks from coming out and overwhelming the area.
  • Pay attention to Mr. Grizz; he will tell you when the Mothership is descending.
  • Shooting the Mothership as it descends will cause
    Golden Eggs to fall from it; long-ranged weapons, especially Splatlings, are great for this. You can also use a Sting Ray.
  • Very short-ranged weapons such as the Sploosh and Inkbrush generally shouldn't even bother to try and repel the Mothership; stick to destroying crates and delivering eggs.

Gushers will appear around the area, a Goldie hiding in one of them. Shoot the correct gusher to find it. Mid/High Tide.
  • Your team should fan out as soon as this event begins.
  • The closer you are to the Goldie, the taller and brighter the gushers will be; use this like hot-and-cold to find it.
  • As soon as you find the Goldie, call "This way!".
  • Having two teammates chase and shoot the Goldie while the other two defend the dropped eggs from Snatchers tends to work well.
  • Try to deliver all the eggs the Goldie drops in one chase; if you can do this, it should only take 2 finds to fill quota.
  • Minimalizing the amount of gushers opened is key; if the first gusher you open is low and dull, go far in the opposite direction and search; don't open any gushers after the Goldie is found.

A swarm of Glowflies will surround one player at a time, drawing a mad rush of rabid Chums to that player. The player they surround switches often. Goldies can be found among the rush. Mid/High Tide.
  • Stick together during this event! Best near the basket.
  • Watch out; red-eyed Chums are much faster and more dangerous than normal.
  • The
    Golden Eggs from the Goldies you kill will spread further than usual; often it's not worth it to retrieve ones that fall far out of reach.
  • If you need to retrieve a faraway egg, it's best to do it right as the Glowflies switch onto someone else, so they don't switch onto you while you're astray.
  • Rollers are amazing for mowing down Chums here.
  • DO NOT go out to retrieve eggs if you have the Glowflies! Stay near the basket.

The deadly Griller Boss Salmonid only appears in this event, locking onto and chasing one player at a time. Along with them come swarms of Smallfry. Later, multiple Grillers can appear. Kill the Grillers to retrieve
Golden Eggs. Mid/High Tide.

Grillers are large, fast, Flooder-like enemies that lock onto and chase one player. Getting run over by one is an instant splat.

Shoot the vulnerable tail near the top to stun it, then shoot the exposed weak points to kill it.
  • Teamwork is key in this event.
  • If the Griller is on you, try to find a location high and far away from it, so your team has plenty of time to shoot it before it reaches you.
  • You can also lead the Griller back and forth by repeatedly swimming back and forth over a ledge.
  • Smallfry are deadly here, but only shoot them if they are directly impeding you killing the Griller.
  • Rollers are very well suited to getting rid of Smallfry.
  • Accurate Chargers and Splatlings are great for quickly stunning.
  • A full team is very important, so try to revive dead teammates quickly.
  • Inkjets can be used to evade and shoot Grillers; Sting Rays can also be used to kill them, but can be risky should the Griller lock onto you.

Thank you for reading! Happy splatting!!

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