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They will seek you, you can seek them back!

  1. ReeSquidGig
    If you use any weapon with a seeker, it does good, the dynamo roller is the best weapon to use, if you use a seeker on a flat stage with no obstacles in the way , you should use it then, and you should really use the seeker if you cant reach a person in enough time, and you should see s target if you hold the bomb button long enough, for the squid your after to stop hiding, also if they are faced the opposite way, you should take advantage of that, and another thing is if you have a weapon with a seeker, I.E, a rapid blaster pro, if the person is right next to you trying to splat you, and you have bad aim with the main weapon, you can use the seeker to target him/her right away, & if the seeker misses, and you have a trail of your color Ink trailing AWAY from the enemy, use that path to go to a hiding spot to sneak up on that person and use your seeker/main weapon, just in case if he/she followed you.;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Eggroll
    This guide doesn't touch on any of the key points of seeker that make them effective. For example, use the at the start of a match to get ahead faster. Also not every weapon does good with seekers. Dynamo rollers are better off with burst bomb.
  2. LittleMon
    Getting away like that is almost impossible. Depending on the weapon, it would be almost impossible. Any roller could get you when your trying to get away like that, guns would engage from a distance, Even if you are swimming right next to your seeker, the person can block your path with their ink, That would really never work. Seekers are also easy to just jump over and dodge. Maybe you can include how you would seeker people up close. I prefer to jump when I do that so the seeker can hit him even when he is jumping, Up close seekering someone requires them to be really close to you. Again, this guide has no real helpful info or much effort.
  3. Flamelord054
    In all seriousness, stop making guides,
  4. AlsoDededork649
    Same problem with all of your other "guides", common knowledge that just takes up space.
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      That IS.. a little obvious, but also offensive.
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