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Skill Stacking

Is it possible?

  1. Sol64
    Hey everyone, just want to share my knowledge with you about skills, mainly skill stacking and whether you can stack the same type of skill or not. This video below should show you whether or not that is the case

    This is the skill that I am using for this test (and i'm pretty sure this will be the case for every other skill although more testing may be required for other skills).
    Special Duration Up
    Your special will have a longer duration.

    Here's the video below:

    How you found this helpful!

Recent Reviews

  1. VideoGameVirtuoso
    Video is somewhat accurate, concluding that skills do stack, but did not present that sub-abilities have small changes compared to main abilities.
  2. Sigma
    Judd tells you that skill don't stack if you talk to him.
  3. ELStalky
    Does not take into account that the two added SP Duration+ are sub-abilities which have much lower effect. Also there is a general falloff applied when stacking that i am currently trying to figure out. Lacks precise measurements as well.
  4. Citrus
    Nice video! You got right to the point and demonstrated. Nice to know that some skills will not stack.
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