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Splat Brella

My thoughts on how to use the Splat Brella

  1. viantastic
    I made a quick video on my thoughts with the Splat Brella.
    I hope it's helpful, but let me know if anything is wrong or missed!

    KrakenPineapples and Yin_ like this.

Recent Reviews

  1. finnaggann
    decent guide, I think you give it to little credit offensively, and don't mention how the rain cloud is really powerful and kitting out for that is a good choice, or how the sub should be used and I really looked at this to see if somebody had a good idea on how to use the sprinkler in any mode but turf wars.
  2. sunaku
    This gives some very good tips and some entertaining humor. Thanks!
    1. viantastic
      Author's Response
      Glad I can help laugh and learn (:
  3. ThatOneGuy
    Honestly a really good guide.

    It's insightful and gives detail to what the weapon's strengths are. I liked how you mentioned the weapon is a support weapon, and gave in game footage to display that.

    The only problems I would address are that you didn't touch upon the weapon's weaknesses, and I personally would've mentioned some gear suggestions.
    1. viantastic
      Author's Response
      You're right! I think adding gear would be a lot better next time! Thanks (:
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