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Splatfests: Everything You Need to Know

What the Official Strategy Guide has to say about Splatfests

  1. Casperr
    Below is all the information about how a Splatfest works and what you can earn from them. There is a video guide at the top, for those who prefer to listen, and a text one just below for those who prefer to read!

    • The first Western Splatfests start 4th July:
      • US - 00:00 Pacific, 3am Eastern
      • EU - 6pm UK, 7pm CET
      • Both last 24 hours
    • Everyone has to vote for one particular thing:
      • US - Cats vs Dogs
      • EU - Rock Music vs Pop Music
    • You vote at the billboard to the left of the Miiverse postbox
    • Once you vote you receive a 3 star t-shirt
      • All these t-shirts (per region) will have the same main ability, so no side has a particular "advantage" over the other
      • During the Splatfest you are forced to wear this t-shirt
      • At the end of the Splatfest it is removed from your inventory, so don't invest too many re-rolls into it!
    • Ranked Mode and Turf War are disabled during Splatfest and you can only play Splatfest matches
      • These take the format of normal Turf War matches
      • The matchmaking system tries to make the teams vs each other based on their vote e.g. 4 Cat voters vs 4 Dog voters
      • Nintendo will be releasing a patch, due to issues with the first Japanese Splatfest, that allows 2 teams of the same vote to vs each other if matchmaking is going to take too long
      • If two teams of the same vote vs each other, your points will still count towards your personal Splatfest total, but not count towards the side you voted for's overall total
    • During matches you earn special Splatfest XP:
      • Win a match: 3XP
      • Cover 200 - 399 turf: +1XP
      • Cover 400 or more turf: +2XP
      • This means by winning a match you can get a total of 5XP
    • XP from these Splatfest matches gives you the following ranks. Depending on what rank you finish, you earn the following amount of Super Sea Snails - these are the items you can trade with Spyke to re-roll abilities or add slots.
    • To get the highest rank of King/Queen you have to win at least 36 matches (assuming no losses - that would be a hell of a streak!)
    • The Splatfest overall winner is a decided via a combination of:
      • Which side got the most votes
      • Which side's players gained the most XP during the Splatfest
    • The winning team will get their Super Sea Snails based on the above chart doubled meaning a total of 24 Super Sea Snails are available!
      • Based on the results of the Japanese Splatfest, Nintendo are changing future Splatfests so that those who are on the losing side, but earn either Champion or King/Queen rank, will get bonus Super Sea Snails i.e. more than 8 or 12. They do not state what that bonus will be
    There is no mention of how often Splatfests will be, but with the second Japanese Splatfest happening July 3rd, only a few weeks after the first Splatfest, it is looking like these may become monthly events - but we'll have to wait and see to know for sure.
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Recent Reviews

  1. VideoGameVirtuoso
    Accurate to this day, well done on gathering this information prior to its release.
  2. Warchamp7
    Comprehensive and covers everything I'd need to know, great work!
  3. [EJ]_Locke
    I never knew all this! Thank you, very helpful!
  4. Topazrekerboy
    This really help me a lot because I was wondering the points system for the super sea snails and now I know! I
  5. SquiliamTentacles
    Interesting... Guess being forced to wear the shirt somewhat equalizes the abilities of players, so I would have to give up my op Ninja Squid gear but not worry about other Ninja Squids.
  6. Joseph Staleknight
    Joseph Staleknight
    The review does indeed live up to its title. It covers not only the basics of a Splatfest but also the patches and other changes made since the first one. There's even a chart of the Super Sea Snails that can be earned during the timeframe, which is handy and reassuring for those worrying that they might not get Sea Snails. This guide will come in handy during the coming 4th of July weekend.
  7. Robotoboy20
    This is a great summation of what to expect!
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