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Splatzone helper(s)

Splatzones meet splat bombs

  1. ReeSquidGig
    Splatbombs are very useful in a splatzone battle, also if you use a :wst_shot_precision00:splash-o-matic:bombrushsuctionbomb:and the:ability_specialcharge::ability_specialduration: special rate and special usage time abilities up, then yes, this will be good to use with this weapon, if you like to use chargers, a :wst_charge_normal00::wst_charge_normalh::bombrush: kelp splattershot and a hero charger replica comes with a bomb rush but hint: the hero charger replica is a replica of the splat charger, it doesn't come with a scope!!!, and if you like blasters ::wst_shot_explight00::wst_shot_expshort00: these two blasters come with bomb rushes,:bombrush: and the hero shot replica, and spattershot :)wst_shot_normal00:,:wst_shot_normalh:) comes with burst bomb rushes.::bombrushburstbomb: I.E these weapons, and specials are useful in splatzones, or, for a Very fun turf war battle, but use these specials with caution, you are prone to getting blown up with this special.

Recent Reviews

  1. Muffin
    I actually never thought about using bomb rush specials in splat zones, why i don't know i would say it helped me. :D
  2. AlsoDededork649
    Confusing run on sentence, with basic information that has already been seen. Stop making guides if they are going to be so horrible.
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      (This is not English class, so it really Doesn't matter!) :(
  3. Posso
  4. Flamelord054
    Knock it off! Seriouslyby this point you are just an annoying fly, just buzzing around, landing on the boards and cluttering it
  5. Andy_Plays
    1/10 Brain Taxidermy. Has only well-known facts in it.
  6. AspireArt
    Same as Junokue.
    Also, I really think squidboards needs to implement something that limits the number of guides you can submit. I don't mean to be rude, but you don't have a full guide on anything.
  7. Junokue
    Most of this info is already present in the game, besides maybe stating that bomb rush is great for splat zones and what abilities go well bomb rush. Very vague overall and has a lot of mistakes in grammar and formatting.
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