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The Charger Bible

Just for you.

  1. GrandestMagus
    Welp, all charger mains have this weird time when they just suck with the weapon. No fear though! I can (hopefully) help you become a better charger! This guide is meant ONLY for the vanilla charger and not its variants.
    Blue words = Important words.

    Chapter One: Know your gun. Love your gun.

    Before we move on. We need to talk about the requirements and basic statistics of this weapon.
    Range: 85/100
    Charge time: 50/100
    Mobility: 40/100
    (You won't be moving alot.)

    Takes a short while to charge the thing, but when you do. The shot is a one hit kill to ANYBODY it hits. No matter how much defense up they have, charged shots will always kill.
    Chargers usually play according to how their team is doing and can be offensive or defensive. They are good at keeping an area secure.

    :splatbomb:Chapter Two: Subs and specials.:splatbomb:

    You will rely on the splat bomb. You rely on it for enemies you cannot hit. It will deliver the same amount of one hit kill potential the charger has, no matter where it hits. It also takes a certain amount of time to pop. When in close quarters, you can throw one of these at your feed or at the ground at an angle to blow a chasing opponent. You can also chuck these around walls for bonus pressure on your foes. You can lob these over walls to pressure and filter out other inklings, they may panic due to it exploding. And panicking inklings are always easier to hit.
    Splat bombs DO NOT begin exploding in the air. They must touch the ground before exploding.
    :bombrush:Bomb rush: The bomb rush if either going to be used for self defense or pushing power. Using one on a splat zone or on a cluster of enemies if usually going to grant a kill. You can fire the charger during a bomb rush!

    Chapter Three: Combat skills
    This section will be split into two: Aim:ability_damage:, and footwork.:ability_runspeed:

    Section 1: Aim.
    Your aim is going to decide your charger skill. Good aim nets more kills, while bad aim nets nothing.
    First off, practice on the dummies standing still. Next, practice on them while moving. Finally, get into a real match and start sniping. (Getting
    muscle memory can also be advised.)
    Certain targets are easier to hit than others
    Easy targets:
    Standing still
    Stuck in your team's ink
    Super jump markers
    Other slow moving targets
    Hard Targets:
    Moving targets
    Targets firing at you

    Section 2: Combat Sense and Footwork
    First of all, you should be able to tell when things are going wrong.
    Back up when:
    Your team is ded:ability_comeback:
    Enemy ink around you:ability_inkresistance:

    Enemy is closing in on you :ability_runspeed:

    Push when:
    Enemy team is ded :ability_comeback:

    Friendly ink around and infront of you:ability_inkrecovery:

    Your team is closing in on them:ability_inksavermain:

    Seem familiar? Yep! The scenarios of combat are almost the same!
    When people on a team is dead, then a push becomes stronger.
    When there is ink around a target, then they become easier to splat.
    When someone is getting closed in on, they become pressured and usually make more mistakes

    You need to do what a charger was never supposed to do: Function as a combat set.
    Footwork is key since you suck at close range, and hitting shots is hard on strafing targets. They usually have a pattern that you can follow.
    Use bombs on targets harder to hit, since the splash can do alot of damage.
    Your uncharged shot kills in 3 hits.
    What is the best way to learn footwork? Play the vanilla splattershot.
    It has similar subs and specials, but with burst bombs which can help with hitting attacks. Also, it relies on flanking its foes so mobility is key.
    This will teach you mobility and juking as a squid.

    Chapter Four: Abilities and gear.
    Best abilities for charger and why.
    :ability_damage: Damage up: Decreases charge time needed to kill.
    Recommended gear::clothes_jkt003: What I rolled with this gear: :ability_damage::ability_damage::ability_quicksuperjump:(subs)

    :ability_inkrecovery: Ink Recovery up: Gives you more ink regen for more bombs, and lets you shoot more often
    Recommended Gear: :head_first: What I rolled: :ability_damage::ability_damage::ability_damage: (subs)
    Other Recommended Gear: Mawcasins (No picture)(used SSS twice on) What I rolled: :ability_inksavermain::ability_defenseup::ability_runspeed:

    Optional: :ability_inksavermain:: Ink Efficiency (Main): Lets you get more shots
    Recommended: None yet.

    Chapter 5: Snapping.
    This skill will go hand in hand with your aim, so theres another reason why you should practice your aim and muscle memory will reasonably increase this skill.

    Why snap?
    Snap when you know the enemy can avoid your laser. Every charger has a laser pointer that enemies can see. This can prove devastating to you. Look away from them, move your changer right at them and fire in a short amount of time. This is more of an advanced tech, so it may take ALOT more practice than the other skills.

    Snapping can affect your close ranged combat skills. If an opponent is flanking you, snap and shoot 'em. Most players get the mindset if they are in your face = easy splat. Make them thINK again with a nice trip to the respawn plate.

    Chapter Six: Final Tips (Short n sweet)
    Stay moving. NEVER stay in the same spot for an inktire match. It makes you easy to avoid/kill.
    Don't get angry. Anger worsens your aim and makes you play worse.
    Know your enemies. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Leave suggestions for chapters/tips! Thanks again!


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Recent Reviews

  1. #MUFFIN
    Very good!
  2. PyrexO2
    Man this sure was a fantastic guide. I am learning how to use a sniper at the moment and this has definitely helped me with battling and developing strategies. This guide is very visual and has very clear instructions and tips on how to get better. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more guides in the future.
  3. Tupoiu
    Very nice, but for the gear, I would go with the Cuttlefish hat and the Squid girl Shirt, As they have a high chance of giving damage up. Furthermore, offensive snipers may want to try comeback, as if you get more than 5 deaths in a game, comeback is worth it.
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