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The Proper Application of Damage Up.

Damage Up is not exactly one of the best named abilities. Let's see how to use it right.

  1. Grimlai
    MYTH: Damage Up increases your core "damage" by decreasing your shots to splat.

    FACT: The above myth is busted. No amount of Damage Up will decrease the amount of shots it takes to get a splat. The NUMBERS of the damage increase, sure, but they can't be divided into less shots.

    Well, that's just great. If Damage Up doesn't help you splat your foes faster, then how DOES it become effective? Well, there are a few things that Damage Up does help you with.

    First of all, Damage Up and Defense Up effectively cancel each other out. Some weapons take an extra shot to splat a player wearing Defense Up, but one Damage Up main ability increases the numbers involved with the damage just about the same amount as a Defense Up main ability decreases them. Think of it this way; A hit that would do 100 damage exactly to a foe with no defense up would only do about 94 damage to a foe with one Defense Up, a survivable blow. But since Damage Up increases the damage by around 6%, that would increase it back up to 99.64 damage, which would round back up to the lethal 100 damage.

    However, even with no damage up, the difference in shots is usually almost unnoticeable; the shots just come out too quick for the Defense Up to really matter. In the case of slower weapons such as the .52 Gal (Deco), though, having one or two damage up abilities negates the dangers of being too slow to splat in time. Lastly, some weapons don't even have their shots-to-splat change no matter how much Defense Up their targets get, such as the Aerospray lines. For more information, check out this helpful guide on how Damage Up and Defense Up interact.

    The main reason I wear Damage Up is the Range it gives. While Damage Up can't decrease the number of direct hits it takes to get a splat, it DOES decrease the number of close misses it takes to get a splat. Weapons have two different kinds of damage; main damage, which is what you get if you hit someone square on, and secondary damage, which is what happens if you hit someone with falling ink or barely miss him with a flick or the like. This secondary damage deals less damage than main damage, but the increase in damage makes it easier to take out someone with secondary hits. Rollers benefit the most from this, as the amount of range it gets to gain a kill is ink-resed dramatically. Brushes may also benefit well from this, but I have yet to test it; if one of you kind souls would document evidence of Brushes getting buffed in range by Damage Up, I would thank you well.

    Blasters don't really gain bonuses in range, but rather in accuracy. Normally, if you miss by even a hair, you won't get the legendary one shot splat, but instead get really close (think 90's levels of damage). One or two damage ups will increase the amount of distance you can miss an opponent by and still get the splat, but there's a distance where no amount of damage up will help you get the one shot. Likewise goes for Sloshers; while the shots over the wall can't be decreased to get a splat, they can certainly become safer since the near misses deal more damage.

    Now, as it turns out, Burst Bombs will have their shots to splat decreased using damage up! Normally, it takes 4 burst bombs to get a splat, assuming each bomb lands an indirect hit. However, if you have at least one Damage Up main, it only takes 3 indirect hits to get a splat! Of course, if the bombs are all direct hits, then it will still always take 2. However, Damage Up makes those indirect hits a lot more lenient.

    Chargers also benefit from Damage Up, but for a different reason altogether. As a charger does the thing it was named for and charges, the damage that the shot will do increases. You can fire the shot off prematurely and the shot will do proportional damage to how much you charged it. Damage Up decreases the time it takes to charge a lethal shot, or, to put it another way, it allows you to get lethal shots with less of a charge.

    A quick note: While Damage Up does decrease the amount of time it takes for ALL chargers to charge a lethal shot, some fast charging snipers such as the Squiffer lines have only a barely noticable difference. This means that on the Squiffer lineups and any charger with that kind of fast charge, Damage Up is not really necessary.

    Also, if you have at least 3 Damage Up main abilities and 2 Damage Up sub abilities, your uncharged shots will do 50.05 damage, which is enough to get a 2HKO with uncharged shots. This will make Chargers the only exception to the rule that Damage Up doesn't decrease shots-per-kills, but it is still a very specific exception, as any fewer Damage Up abilities, and you will need to use 3 shots. source here

    Shooters and Splatlings don't really benefit much from Damage Up, since their damage is almost exclusively main damage, which can't be affected much by Damage Up. Their secondary damage does almost nothing; Damage Up may be good for secondary damage, but its not a miracle worker. Use your slots for other abilites, such as Run Speed Up, if you are using a Shooter or Splatling.

    In the end, Damage Up is actually a useful weapon property if used correctly, and not just for increasing main damage. With that, I wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see you again soon.

    For those of you looking for my follow-up test, it is here. Expect more videos to come to that channel; it will be my Splatoon channel from now on. Some of my phrasing is a little wonkus, so if you are going to watch it, I would advice watching it a few times if you don't understand something. Most of that information, if not all, has been transferred to this guide, which you can use to figure out what I mean. Also, what I say in the video about Uncharged Shots from Chargers not getting decreased is wrong, for reasons that I explained earlier.
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Recent Reviews

  1. VideoGameVirtuoso
    Very detailed, concise guide about Damage Up!
  2. Player 3.0
    Player 3.0
    Where is the team combos (your teammate needs to do less damage and thus kills faster)
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      This guide mainly works around your gear, not just the gear of your teammates. This is how one player may improve his or her gameplay by using Damage Up, rather than how a team might inkorperate Damage Up into their playstyle.
  3. Vintagestep
    It really clarified the purpose of this skill and gave the uses of it, I can guarantee that it works since I saw a lot of setups based that fits with the things explained here.
    Helped me to understand why for me is a worthless skill but is deadly in hands of chargers or certain rollers.

    Still miss a section about rollers and the slosher.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      There's a section in the guide for both rollers and sloshers, as well as rollers and sloshers being tested in the video I made. Otherwise, I'm glad you found this useful!
  4. MrL1193
    You've done a good job of explaining the basics of Damage Up, but I believe this guide has potential to be improved further. There are also a few inaccuracies and points that I think could use some clarification. (I'll post about these in the discussion section.) Overall, though, this is a good start; keep it up!
  5. CNMNE
    Amazing, super succinct and helpful on such a non-specific subject.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! And I learned a new word, too, so thanks for the new word! (The word was succinct.)
  6. MakesDream
    I thought damage up reduced charge time on chargers.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Not quite; it instead makes it so that you don't have to charge as long to get a splat. The charge time itself remains unchanged, but you require less of a charge to get a splat.
  7. MuteBard
    The wording of this sentence is really confusing and is really easy to misinterpret : "While the time it takes to charge a lethal blow is lowered by Damage Up, Damage Up will NOT help you kill in less uncharged shots." Ive used damage up with splatterscopes for a while and im aware of what it can do to help but something about this sentence irks me.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Good to know! I think my phrasing with some of the new information could have been a lot better...I'll have to take a look through and make some edits.
  8. SquiddiamFancyson
    Good accessible overview of an underappreciated perk.
  9. Dreamy Luigi
    Dreamy Luigi
    Very useful, I'm a Splattershot main and I'll be keeping that in mine since my sub/specials are all Burst Bombs. I'm also trying to pick up a Dynamo and my tidal wave seems to not be killing as I'd like it to.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Glad I could help! Dynamo is actually one of my guilty pleasures (not the gold one, the regular one with Sprinkler and Echolocater), and Damage Up was the big thing I would run on Dynamo because of reasons mentioned in this guide. I wish you luck on your experience!
  10. PHYTO-1
    You mention chargers but did not mention how they are the only exception to the splats to kill rule. They have base 40 dmg on uncharged shots, but with 3 main and 2 subs of dmg up, this will increase it to 50.05 dmg; going from 3HKO to 2HKO.

    Another important aspect to using dmg ups is the burst bomb. With dmg ups you can combo burst bomb + 1 shot with neo splash, custom jet, splatshot. Burst bombs also have 3 different hitboxes, with enough dmg ups you can combo strongest hitbox + weakest hitbox acting as a sort of pseudo exception to the splat to kill rule as well.
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
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