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The Weapon Classes and Their Roles

3 Classes, 3 Strengths, 3 Roles

  1. FangLuxray
    Everyone who plays Splatoon should know about the 3 Weapon Classes: Shooter, Charger, and Roller

    Well, not everyone knows exactly what has gone on in designing the weapon classes

    In this guide, I will discuss some of each classes strengths, weaknesses, and basic pointers for each weapon class

    • Shooters
    The Shooters have quite the arsenal... But their "Flagship Weapon" is the... you guessed it... 'Blaster'. The signature weapons of the Shooters are the Splattershot line, not surprisingly.
      • Strengths
        • Mid-range weapons in most of the arsenal
        • Amazing Versatility
        • Is able to tackle a lot of situations
        • Covers a lot of in in a short time
      • Weaknesses
        • Has drastic changes within each shooter
        • a lot of spread within each shot in most shooters
        • Horrible at long range combat
    There are exceptions to the Shooters... Some shooters have major range, but at the cost of either firepower or fire rate... or vice versa

    The main pointer for this class, is that you need to ink as much area as you can. This weapon class is mainly for combat and the front-lines. This class usually makes a lot of BP

    • Chargers
    Chargers are basically the opposite of the Blasters... they're slow, but have long range. Not to mention instant KO's for whoever gets hit with a fully charged shot! Nintendo? You made yourself a Sniper Class
      • Strengths
        • Super Long Range
        • Instant KO's
        • Great from High Vantage Points
        • Covers a lot of ink in a straight line
      • Weaknesses
        • horrible at close quarters combat
        • clunky to move around with
        • Takes a long time to charge
    The Main pointer for this one is that this is mainly for taking out opponents at long distances (like a typical sniper class). Never go into close combat with this weapon. You are destined to lose that fight if you do so.
    This is my favourite Weapon Class

    There are exceptions to the Charger class, one charger that I can think of is the Squiffer. It has a faster reload time at the cost of less damage and range...
    • Roller
    Rollers are a whole 'nother class all together. They're fast, cover loads of ink, and give instant KO's no matter the attack
      • Strengths
        • Really Fast
        • Instant KO's (melee and fling)
        • Covers Loads of Ink as you move
      • Weaknesses
        • Bad for moving around
        • Close Quarters Combat only
        • Loses at range (no question)
        • Uses ink terribly fast
    The main pointer in this one is that this should be for mostly ink coverage and defensive maneuvers only. If you can, make sure you have covering fire with you at all times
    Some Rollers (like the Carbon Roller and the Inkbrush) don't do OHKO's most of the time. So, that's an exception. The inkbrush is actually the antithesis to the Roller class... so, that's an exception. and the Carbon Roller is the middle ground between the brush and the roller

    That's it for now. Thanks for reading!
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Recent Reviews

  1. VideoGameVirtuoso
    For a simple guide, it just seems way too brief, even with the benefits and consequences of each weapon type.
  2. Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Very well organized, but lacking in content, as well as inaccurate facts.
  3. Rellek
    Blasters are actually another weapon class entirely from the "shooters". They even have different stats in Sheldon's shop. Anyways, fix that and add some images too!
  4. TheSav
    It's misleading to say blasters when they're actually called shooters. Carbon Roller doesn't always ohko.
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