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Toni Kensa

An analysis of the Toni Kensa weapons' potential

  1. Enperry
    On 9/13/18 the Toni Kensa weapons were revealed to be alt kits of the standard weapons of Splatoon 2 with a slick monochrome design that you just can't say "no" to. Later that evening the weapons were released, and everyone bought the weapons and instantly took them into Ranked because "They're just the exact same weapon". However, this is very untrue for certain reasons to be mentioned later in this guide which will be a breakdown, analysis, and tips. This is my first guide so give me a break :).

    ~~Kensa Splattershot~~

    This one is pretty basic but can actually be better than Tentatek Splattershot in some cases. With a kit of Suction Bomb and Tenta Missles, it most resembles the Tentatek Splattershot from the original Splatoon. Suction Bomb is pretty hard to get used to especially with a Splattershot but once you get the hang of it, it can be amazingly fun and rewarding. Tenta Missles are always used incorrectly in my opinion, but when used correctly, it can produce devastating results. When activating Tenta Missiles, consider the best idea to target - like if targeting one person is a better idea than all 4 players. Example: Maybe if a charger or other long ranged weapon is alone and in a tight space, it would be a good idea to target them and only them resulting in 10 missiles headed their way. Another idea for TM would be to trap them with the missiles forcing them to go a single direction following up with a shot from your Splattershot or using the Suction Bomb. I have no particular gear recommendation for this weapon at the moment

    ~~Kensa Charger/Splatterscope~~

    These are the strange ones. A kit of Sprinkler and Baller makes this weapon quite hard to understand, but I'll do my best to explain it. The Sprinkler makes this very similar to the original Splatoon's Kelp Splat Charger/Splatterscope. It is pretty useful specifically with this weapon for covering the turf around your camp which would otherwise take a few more seconds to cover, but since it's nerf awhile back, this is a pretty bad sub. The Baller could be used as more of a panic button in certain situations, or is some enemy is coming toward your camp and/or flanking you, this can be a great tool for that. I have no particular gear recommendation for this weapon at the moment.


    ~~Kensa Splat Dualies~~

    These aren't too hard to understand. The Baller allows this set to be very aggressive. Not too much to say here. Suction Bombs can be hard to get used to. Nothing I haven't already said about Suction Bombs or Baller.


    ~~Kensa Roller~~

    here's where it gets interesting. Splat Bomb and Bubble Blower make this kit unlike any other roller in the game thus making it difficult to figure out, but this weapon is very good. The Splat Bomb can be used in hallways to throw farther than the enemy and follow up with a fling to kill, and Bubble Blower can be great for making pushes. This is a great slayer.

    I plan on adding the other TK weapons when they release. Thanks for reading this guide and if you have time please rate it with constructive
    criticism! If you want to see more guides from me about any weapon please say so!


    1. 64px-S2_Brand_Toni_Kensa.png

Recent Reviews

  1. wristonicee
    Could be a bit deeper but very interesting guide!
    1. Enperry
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. Nerdbird
    Real nice anylasis, easy to understand and provides a meaningful opinion on each weapon
    1. Enperry
      Author's Response
      Thank you for taking the time to review! I really appreciate it!
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