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Ultimate Gear Guide (v1.2.0)

Ultimate Gear Guide (v1.2.0)

This is so useful when I need a certain item!
useful af
Great guide to help
Everything anybody would need.
Tell me your secret about these guides!
literally everything u to know about Gear for dummies
Really helpful, thank you!
pretty good advice
Helpful guide!
Well done, clear and concise.
Well written and highly detailed guide. Hopefully updates will come to it.
I really liked this Guide but some of the captain cutter fish gear was missing
Amazing how much time and effort was put into this! Thanks
it's very informative
very good guide. easy to understand, yet detailed enough to be useful for those interested.
great job!
Simple, informative, and straight forward!
Very informative and simple! Is there a way to view all the gear in a grid format? It would prevent me from having to scroll up and down so much!

Thank you for the guide!
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the brand ability probability listing!
Really good.
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