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Underrated and Uncut: Pt. 1 "Semi-automatic scourge" (L-3 Nozzlenose and Variants)

A series where I (try to) go in depth about various underrated and unloved weapons.

  1. CP_
    Underrated and Uncut
    Pt. 1: Semi-automatic scourge
    L-3 Nozzlenose and Variants

    Recently, we saw the release of the H-3 Nozzlenose, a beefier version of the standard L-3 Nozzlenose. Ever since splatoon was datamined, this has been the weapon I was most excited for. In truth, it lived up to my expectations. What I didn't expect, however, was how few people were actually using it after it's release. I already knew that the standard Nozzlenose was pretty unloved, but to see nobody play the H-3, especially right after release, really pained me. So, in part one of this underrated weapon extravaganza, I'll be reviewing that one quirky shooter type that you bought on a whim, The L-3 Nozzlenose and it's subsequent variants!


    The first thing to note about all the Nozzlenose variants is their range. Both the H-3 and L-3 have the exact same range, so be sure to know your limits on how far you can push. That being said, your range is actually fairly decent, reaching just below the Dual Squelcher. My number 1 tip?: Abuse your range. I know this goes for any gun, but with the L-3 and H-3, especially for the latter, this is extremely important. In a high pressure close quarters situation, you are left vulnerable due to your less than spectacular fire rate. It's best to just avoid these situations in the first place by keeping the enemy at bay. If they manage to sneak up on you, running away is your best option, unless you want to be all Commando and take a thousand to one chance.

    Fire rate

    So, despite what I just said about your "less than spectacular fire rate", the L-3 can keep up an amazing barrage even on par with the aerospray, when you're not being pressured. I can't stress this enough, the Nozzlenose is not crafted for high tension situations. When you're in a jam, you become anxious, and that will throw off your timing, making for an awful fire rate. This gun is really suited for calm people, no joke. Keeping cool in tight situations is key, or else you'll destroy your fire rate and you'll get splatted. This applies even more so for the H-3. You may think you're safer, due to being able to actually kill with all 3 hits, but this is not the case, as your even slower fire rate that requires even better timing is put to the test in close quarters situations. With the H-3, you should be avoiding anything close range at all costs.


    The Nozzlenose family is the most accurate group of shooters in the game, besides blasters, but they don't really count. Like your range, you can abuse your accuracy to great effect, especially when taking on chargers who like to camp, perched up in difficult to reach locations. Your accuracy also makes for more favourable matchups against weapons that outrange you, such as the squelchers and .96 Gal.


    One thing I see people constantly saying about all the Nozzlenose variants is how awful they are for turf war, saying that you should relinquish them solely for ranked battle and such. This is just flat out not true. If anything, I would say that the nozzlenose is better suited for turf war as opposed to ranked. You have excellent ink efficiency for a mid to long range weapon, a spectacular rate of fire if you practice your timing, and decent coverage. Although one squeeze of the trigger throws out 3 blobs in a weird formation, following up with a second one (with good timing, you should have 2 off in about half a second) will easily close any gaps, leaving a nice straight line to swim through. By Y strafing, you can quickly cover alot of turf for your team. The H-3 should be a little more difficult to get the hang of, but with practice, you'll easily be able to cover just as much turf as your faster little brother.


    Now that I've gone over everything that's similar or shared between all the Nozzlenose variants, I'll get into the specifics of each one and how they play best.

    The standard Nozzlenose comes equipped with Disruptors and a Killer Wail. As the smallest and fastest Nozzlnose, it can be used to great effect in both Turf War and Ranked Battle. I usually class this weapon as the most offense based Nozzlenose. Disuptors, in this case, should rarely be used for retreating, unless you've got to deal with a carbon roller or an inkbrush who wants to chase you around the map.They can help you deal with approaching squelchers, and can prove useful against those annoying Dynamo Rollers who like to jump flick the crap out of you. Using them to flank and catch people unawares is great, and although they don't exactly do the same thing as point sensors, they can be used to expose enemies who like to hide in their ink for a surprise attack, as they create somewhat of a glow around users caught in the blast radius. The killer wail makes this gun a great weapon for forcing enemies out of hiding, so you can quickly pick them off with your gun after they are forced to run out of the deadly radius of your killer wail. Better yet, you can catch people with your disruptors before launching this powerful special weapon right in their faces. The worst issue with this gun is your damage output. It takes four shots to splat an opponent, which in other words means two to four pulls of the trigger. However, your accuracy will make up for this unfortunate fault. What you're left with is a powerful frontline weapon that can quickly splat foes from beyond their range and take turf at a decent rate.

    The L-3 Nozzlnose's variant is, in my opinion, more defense based than the standard set. It brings Burst Bombs and The Kraken to the table. While this may appear to be a more offense based setup, it truly shines as a defense build. Holding a position should be easy enough with burst bombs, as they allow your gun to earn splats quicker than pulling the trigger twice, while also providing knockback to push the enemy away from you. The Kraken is great for chasing after foes who get deep in your territory, and can be used as a way to pressure foes who try to gang up on you while you're holding a choke point.

    The newly released weapon that has quickly become one of my favourites. This Nozzlenose comes in a set with Suction Bombs and an Echolocator. The most notable and important difference between the standard L-3 Nozzlenose and this bad boy is the fact that this gun can actually kill in 3 shots, whereas the L-3 would've taken 4. To balance this power boost, the H-3 has a decreased fire rate. Surprisingly, they have the same range, so the only real tradeoff here is fire rate for power. This weapon is better crafted for ranked battle in my opinion, as your ink coverage skills have been reduced with your loss of fire rate. That being said, the power you gain in return is truly the most useful thing on the planet. Using your quick splat capabilities to both advance and defend is very nice, and suction bombs just add to your already fantastic versatility, especially in tower control. Echolocator is nice as both a way to be aware of your foes and to refill your ink tank. Being caught unawares is usually the number one thing that will get you killed, as this weapon doesn't have the same ability to react quickly when compared to it's L-3 twins. I'd prefer to use this set as a support/safety net build more than anything, but it also has the ability to become a devastating frontline weapon if you play your cards right.

    Closing thoughts

    People are generally turned away from these weapons just because they're not fully automatic. To those people, I say this: try them out. Once you practice with them, you won't be dissapointed.

Recent Reviews

  1. redacteddd
    Like [EJ]_Locke said, Nozzlenose D is much better for getting in someone's face, personally, disruptors don't allow for much aggressive play. Otherwise 9/10 would reccomend
  2. [EJ]_Locke
    A pretty good guide. The only thing I disagree with is the nozzle D being defense oriented.
  3. Splats
    Brilliant guide for the Nozzlenose. As a fan of the Nozzlenose, I hope this will convince others to try it and even main it.
  4. kyuubi
    not bad on the info been trying to pick up the nozzlenose for a while so thanks
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