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Where shall I snipe? A guide to sniping locations Part 1

Grab your iPod and your Charger, cause you may be sniping for a while. *Image Heavy*

  1. Grimlai
    Chargers are powerful tools, good for zoning out opponents and picking them off from long range. These purposes can be further emphasized by proper positioning, placing yourself in such a way as to restrict the foes from traversing major choke points. This guide will be a two part guide, with the first part covering Arowana Mall, Blackbelly Skatepark, Kelp Dome, Moray Towers, Port Mackeral, and Saltspray Rig in that order, while the next part will cover Urchin Underpass and Walleye Warehouse, as well as any new maps that come out after this article is published.

    Also, look for Part 2 here.

    Arowana Mall
    Arowana Mall.jpg
    A: these points are good at covering the closer areas of the map, but can also take care of foes who travel past B point on their way into your back lines. This point can also cover E and the square with A, B, C, and D the corners.

    B: B can cover the side alley that takes you to C, allowing for a nice straight line with some base defense. Other than that, though, it's really not all that useful. Use it if you were at C and you lost the point.

    C: Capture this point of you want to be aggressive with your charger. This one can cover the opponent's C and D points, the center, and even their E if you're using an E-liter 3k. However, it is close to the center, so be prepared to fall back to B if necessary.

    D: While D can still take out foes in the center, and at both C points, it's still very vulnerable to foes at C. However, if you miss a foe coming in through your ramp, this spot can be a little more forgiving than C, due to the fact that escape doesn't mean running into the center. This is one of my favorite places to snipe, but C is good, too.

    E: This point is similar to how D works, but the wall that it has is both a blessing and a curse. While foes can't shoot you from the center very easily, you can't shoot into the center very easily, either. I only use E if D is taken.

    Blackbelly Skatepark
    A: A point can cover the center of the map, your D point, and even slow down foes at their F point. A point is also, however, very exposed, so take advantage of the raised platform next to it when available. Another advantage to this area is that it's one of the faster points to get to, especially with movement speed boosting options.

    B: This point also covers C very well, but trades off speed for safety. E is not nearly as exposed as A, but it takes longer to return to than A, especially if it's already been inked by the foes. It doesn't cover your D point, but it does cover your opponent's D point, as well as your F point.

    C: The center of the map is a very tempting area; while it has the best coverage of the lot, it is also the most exposed of the group, as the only way to stay safe under fire is to forfeit the area. However, there are ways around this: Because the center area is so coveted, it can be wise to use Ink Mines to keep it under control. Either get a teammate to place an Ink Mine down or grab a New Squiffer and do it yourself.

    D: Cover your opponent's F point and possibly their E point with this location. It's out of the way and rather difficult to get to, so it's perfect for sniping. It even has several walls to avoid C point snipers. However, it is possible for a foe to sneak up on you, especially if they take the long route.

    E: If you are losing badly, take E point and pick off your foes. Fall back to this point if you feel you need to.

    F: While wide open, it can also cover a better area than E can, even though E is higher up. Take this to your advantage.

    G: G is another good alternative to A or D, particularly if you just lost one or both of those points.

    Kelp Dome
    A: Use this area to cover C, as well as the path that takes you past C. I usually take this area at the start of the game.

    B: While not recommended due to the lack of coverage, you can snipe from here. There are better places to snipe, though. However, it has been pointed out to me that the grates that B point leads to can be used for sniping, especially during Splat Zones where there is a box on those grates useful for sniping the center.

    C: I included the opponent's C (which is near your E) because cropping it out would be annoying. Either way, C point is great for covering the foe's E point and portions of the center, while still giving you breathing room. On the flip side, sniping from the foe's C can really annoy them to no end, as you have coverage of most of their base. The only real way to counter this strategy is to either go the long way or to take them out at A. Just like B point, you can also use the grates to snipe.

    D: See Blackbelly Skatepark, C point.

    E: I find myself here more often than not when I'm running charger on this map. It covers the pathway out of the opponent's base, their C point, and a good portion of the center area fairly well, particularly on the front lines of E. The back lines of E are useful for retreating to, in case you get jumped.

    Moray Towers
    Moray Towers.jpg
    A: Whenever two ramps form to become a platform, that platform becomes an A point. With the possible exception of D due to how close it is to the fight. A points are used whenever you want to control two ramps.

    B: B is my absolute favorite place to snipe on this map, due to how well it controls not just 2, but 3 ramps. The only real way to get to the opponent's B point is to either paint the wall behind D and swim up that, or to brave the ramps that lead to it. All in all, a very safe spot to snipe in if they don't know that they can do the first part.

    C: The centers of the ramps, particularly where that red line is, can be good spots to cover multiple ramps at once. However, they aren't really as accurate as the other areas, since foes have more room to duck from a C sniper than they do an A or B sniper.

    D: This is a risky version of A, which I mainly marked to show that you can snipe from here. However, B does D's job better and safer, and because of this, D is really not worth it.

    E: If you are REALLY losing badly, go here. It covers a nearby A point as well as the first ramp that your base leads onto. Use this to alleviate some of the pressure on your team.

    F: Only if you are winning hard, and even then, think carefully. If you do use this area, only use it for a few seconds at most, because of its poor coverage and exposure. Only use this as a gateway to swim up to other areas.

    Port Mackeral
    Port Mackeral.jpg
    I decided not to crop this one because cropping it would have been rather annoying.

    A: These three A points each cover a different path. Try to alternate between which A point to go to, to cover all three paths simultaneously.

    B and C: These both cover A fairly well, and can also cover the ends of the pathways that A covers well. B is a bit further away from the action, but C is a bit more exposed than C. However, the difference is negligible, to the point where I considered marking them both as B and moving on.

    D: Stand on top of the truck and let the truck do the moving for you. If you feel safe about letting the truck take you over to the lane that needs it, then see Black Belly Skatepark's strategies on point C. Note that this moving point doesn't cover the center area so well unless your reflexes are spot on, so get a teammate to help you.

Recent Updates

  1. Ease of Access 8/21/15
  2. Part 2 is up!
  3. Update 7/16/15

Recent Reviews

  1. Robotoboy20
    Excellent guide. I love how you give a good summary of the points that are important. You might do well with a few screen caps of the locations though. Otherwise very good summation of charger points.
  2. Kebab
    Darn you beat me to this >.< but overall great guide! :D
  3. MuteBard
    Point D in Moray Towers Is my favorite place to be to take down Snipers, but more so in the low ground around that area. if I have an ally sniper at A then It serves as the perfect Feint/Offense
  4. ThatSquidYouKnow
    Great guide on where to snipe, however, in ranked on Kelp Dome, an extra spot is added that leads straight into the zone, I usually snipe there.
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