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Where shall I snipe? A guide to sniping locations Part 2

Sniping locations, RELOADED. Learn even more places to charge. *Image heavy*

  1. Grimlai
    Welcome back to the two part series Where Shall I Snipe, a pair of guides that are all about location, location, location. In this guide, I will describe to you some good sniping positions of Urchin Underpass and Walleye Warehouse. I will also cover the newer maps as they come out in this part, so keep an eye out!

    For those of you looking for part one, find it here.

    Saltspray Rig (this one's a big one, cause there's so much I want to talk about.)

    Saltspray Rig.jpg
    The Blue line, by the way, is the line of symmetry of the map.

    A: This entire section is very easily guarded, particularly from the ramp leading into it and the three big points pointed out on the map. It overlooks the Splat Zone, as well as gives your team a HUGE swath of free turf.

    B: While risky, B can cover a good portion of the previously mentioned free turf as well as almost all of the Splat Zone. However, it is a bit more exposed than A and as such should be used with caution, particularly if the enemy has a bad habit of sneaking by you.

    C: This is even more risky than B and should only be used with discretion. It covers the Splatzone as well as the ramp leading to it, but it is still out in the open.

    D: This area is both very rarely used and very effective at the same time. You can easily fall back to A if needed, people don't expect you at D, you can take care of the foe's B zone very easily, and it overlooks the Splat Zone. All in all, very good spot to snipe, especially when guarding A. Only downside is that it can be hard to climb.

    E: If you have the bottom area secure, this area can be useful to snipe from. However, it is very exposed, and not exactly optimal.

    F: This point overlooks your B point, as well as provides you with good safety. It and its brother G are also very easy to get to, especially since only members of your team can access them (or at least, to my knowledge).

    G: This area overlooks more area, but at the same time is a little less safe than F. All in all, though, F and G are both really solid sniping points.

    H: Use this area to get both the ramps into the Splat Zone and into the bottom area inked and protected. E-liter 3K has a field day on H, due to how far it can take out other snipers.

    I: I functions similar to F and G, but due to it being able to snipe the opponent's I at all times, not to mention covering most of the bottom area, this is one of my favorite places to snipe. All in all very good.

    Urchin Underpass
    Urchin Underpass Rework Snipe.jpg Brought to you by Project Paintball.

    A: Just like in the original Urchin Underpass, this area has major coverage of the main exits from the enemy base. The only place that isn't at least threatened by A is the enemy's A. This spot can't really get at the enemy's E point, but their E point can't get you either, so you're pretty much invincible here. That is, unless a foe gets in your base.

    B: This has phenomenal coverage and guards the only entrances to the base. Despite being up on a tower, it's still very safe, as it is only accessible if you control most of the entire base. That being said, if you fall off the tower in a firefight, you're basically a walking puddle of enemy goo.

    C: This general area works similar to B point, but it defends the E point better and has more accessibility to the center of the map. However, it is also more exposed, so be very careful here.

    D: This place covers the E point better than any other spot on the map. The only problem is it covers next to nothing else. Since E point is so accessible, use this for free ink/splats.

    E: This place has really good control of the enemy's main exit as well as the Splat Zone and your base exit. However, foes can get up here fairly easily if they know that the wall is inkable, so be careful about that. However, this spot is still a very good spot to play at, particularly with Ink Mines.

    F: If and only if you are losing your base badly, you can use the lip for cover, as well as snipe through most of the base.

    Walleye Warehouse

    A: See Where Shall I snipe Part 1, Black Belly Skatepark, Point C. This map has a tower in the center, and like all maps with towers in the center, this area is both the most effective and the most risky place to snipe.

    B: B covers F, C, a bit of the center, most of your base, even the grate that's part of E. B is a solid place to snipe, seconded only by F and A. B is a bit safer than F, though, especially with how easy it is to take a look at C.

    C: C's main purpose is to guard the ramp that goes into the base. Many a time have I gone sniping both on the top and bottom of C's ramp to much success. The trick is to start on the bottom and work your way up if you lose the ramp. This point is phenominal for keeping foes out of your base.

    D: If you have a sprinkler, D goes from an OK spot to godlike. This place has a nice wall to buy yourself some time, as well as spray a good amount of ink. D also covers most of the foe's C ramp, which is the main draw of D.

    E: This point is D's big brother. You can shoot on both sides of the wall, as well as lay down a sprinkler and keep tabs on the bottom of the foe's C ramp. It can't really splat as much of the foe's C ramp as D can, but otherwise E is D's superior in every way.

    F: F is a miniature A point, a bit further back from the action but still good for sniping much of the center area. If you can't have A, then F is the next best thing.

    G: This point is good for getting to the other points, or if you are being overrun. Use the height to your advantage as foes have to stop in order to snipe you.

    Bluefin Depot
    Map_Bluefin_Depot_Splat_Zones_Overhead.jpg I tried to improve the visibility on this map and the next one. Sorry about the poor quality of earlier maps!

    A: Easy to get to, close to spawn, good exposure; all in all a good spot to snipe if you're pushed back too far. It can only really ink your own base, though, so use this only to start the game or if you are losing.

    B (lue splotch where I made a typo and saw it too late): Covers both the E spots, the paths from D, AND the entrance to the base? This spot may as well be giving out free candy, because this is where you want to be. It doesn't have much exposure to the center areas as E and D, but this is still a top tier sniping position.

    C: The right side's C has more exposure to its center pod, but other than that these two play almost identically. A bit more exposed, but covers D points better than B point does. The area near it is fair game for covering the center, too, so keep that in mind.

    D: This place is a BEAST to snipe at, particularly if you chose the one that doesn't have the wall leading up it. A combination of good coverage and strong defense, this is your ideal sniping point. The only things you need to worry about are foes climbing up the wall to get to you (which can be stopped by a keen eye and/or choosing you D point well) or foes going ALL the way across E point to get to you (which can be stopped by good teamwork or map awareness).

    E: A little like D, but a bit more exposure to the map. The advantage to E points is how close together they are; one can easily swim from one to the other to keep an eye on both center areas.

    F: This point, while being rather dangerous, can be very effective, especially with an E-Liter 3k line charger. This point can cover the center area that it is on very well, and it can really batten down the hatches on their exits to the center, but since letting one foe through your sights means almost certain death as well as the fact that the foe's D point and any E-liter 3k foes at the E point will take you out easily, I don't recommend this one. Why is it on here, you ask? Because I'm too lazy to remove it.

    G: This is a much better place to snipe than F, due to the ability to retreat back to the other pod if needed. If your team has the center area that the ramps come off of locked down tight, then I say go right ahead. Snipe the other center area to your heart's content. You have sight of their E point and D point over there, as well as a huge section of the center and the entrance to your base. The only problem is that it requires both D and E to be locked down tight. If even one opponent manages to slip through there, you are deader than a dodo.

    Camp Triggerfish
    Camp Triggerfish.jpg Not only are the POINTS labeled, but they're labeled more effectively! Plus, I have the spawn and gates labeled, too!

    Spawn: Use this to get to A, or if you have no other options to snipe from.

    A: Great coverage, easy to get to: this place is awesome, especially when losing or starting a game. It covers both gates, E point, the center corridor, and gets you well on your way to D point.

    B: A little hard to snipe on the net itself, but if you use the ramp to reload, it's actually a nice little nook. It covers D point, the Foe's G point, and the center area all fairly well. It doesn't cover the lower part of the foe's G point well, though, so watch out for that.

    C: It's like B, only more aggressive. Like, a lot of aggression goes down here. This spot covers the spots that B misses, while also adding a few more such as the foe's pathway to their G. This spot is also a lot less defensible, as it's more exposed and available for foes to traverse.

    D: Hop up on here and you're in for a wild ride. You have to have good awareness, so watch out for foes, but this spot is like a more defensible C. If you are under fire, leap down onto the other side to safety. D point is also good for advancing your allies to the H point and beyond.

    E: This spot covers the A point and the path to the D point, as well as that center area. While you don't want to stick around here for long, as your potential will be wasted here if you do, you can use this spot to ink the area and move on to D.

    F: While only available once the gates go down, F can effectively remove the possibility of foes coming in the gates thanks to the tight corridor. It also covers some of the foes area, and is rather defensible.

    G: I have on here the Foe's G point, but your team has one too. This point is EXTREMELY aggressive, and should only be used if your team is winning tremendously. That being said, it can be a huge place for countersniping, as well as paving the way to victory.

    Flounder Heights
    Flounder Heights.jpg
    A: Covers the ramp, the cliff next to the ramp (which you can swim up, by the way), and can cover the area under the Splat Zone very well. It even boasts a box to use as cover! All in all, A is very effective to snipe in the early game. It doesn't have to much presence in the fray, though, as it can't really take control of the center without an E-liter. However, it can control access to the base very well even without an E-liter.

    B: Covers the areas that A does a bit less (It can't cover the cliff at all without some good range) but it takes care of the splat zone very well. I don't find it as useful as A, but it's still good.

    C: The Creme'-de-la-creme' of sniping spots on this map, it has very good access to almost all of the center. Enemies coming up from your E point can be bad, but it's still a great place to snipe, since it can cover BOTH splat zones if you have the range. Even with a Squiffer, you can still defend your splat zone fairly well.

    D: This point can cover the enemy E point very well, and as such can be very effective. However, the distance to get to it combined with how far away from the action it is makes it a situation spot. It does have access to a long flat patch of ground, but it's still only a niche pick.

    E: This is a VERY aggressive spot. Use only to herd the foes into their base. It's very open and vulnerable to ganks from the center as well as countersniping, so be careful. C helps mitigate this danger, but that's only if you have multiple snipers to a team.

    F: Looping back to near A, F is slightly more vulnerable than A (no box) but it gets better coverage. Unlike A, it can shoot OVER the cliff. It can also shoot further up the ramp, but it doesn't get as far down on the swath of flat land that A and D love so much. All in all, F and A are interchangable in your sniping pattern: Use this fact to your advantage. Ideally, one would place a Squid Beacon (or as they should have been called, Beakons. Cause squids have beaks. Look it up) at the corner between A and F, so that they can jump in there and have a choice of either point.

    Once again, good luck on your sniping escapades! Remember that this guide will be updated when new maps show up, so keep an ear to the ground for those updates. This has been Grimlai, and I hope you found this two part series useful.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LAX
    This is a good guide overall. I do think you should add separate additional tips depending on the mode.
  2. TheChuChu!
    I feel that this is a great guide for snipers-in-training (like me). I'll be sure to remember these different spots for my sniping :3
  3. Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Amazing guide, I have had a much better time singing ever since I read this guide!
  4. pixelatedcody
    Good explanations, but I can barely see the letter markings on the maps..
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I tried to make them as visually striking as possible without taking up too much of the screen, but I'll keep this issue in mind with Bluefin Depot when it (eventually) comes out. I apologize for the inconvinience: Mayhaps when I get time I'll remake the images with bigger lettering.
  5. Kebab
    Love the guide! Useful tips on where I can snipe my enemies :)
    I didn't think that 2 guides was necessary but it doesn't matter

    Also having the inkling test it's range (And taking a screen capture) on those spots could be useful!
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I don't have a capture card, but if I did, I would most certainly use it for this. Good idea, though.
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