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Who Touched My Gun? 6 Things you need to know about playing a Splatling.

The Splatling; is it a Charger? Is it a Shooter? Whatever it is, learn how to use it here.

  1. Grimlai
    The Splatling Gun is an elegant fusion of the Shooters and the Chargers, while still maintaining its own identity very well. That being said, since the Splatling Gun is (as of publication) the only one of its kind, I believe that at least a basic primer on the weapon I lovingly refer to as Splasha is called for. Here are 6 of the things that I believe everyone who picks up a Splatling should learn.

    1. It's a gateway Charger. If one were to take the range and charge rate of a Squiffer line gun and the spray-and-pray style of a shooter, you would get the Splatling. If you want to start learning a charger, my recommendation is to pick up a Splatling, learn how it plays, and then learn Chargers. On the flip side, if you are like me and you play a lot of Chargers, this weapon is a nice way to dip your toes back into Shooters while still remaining in familiar territory with the charging mechanic.

    2. Don't Jump and Charge. If your feet are off the ground, the Splatling charges extremely slowly, so beware. It charges extremely quickly on the ground, so try to stay on the ground. This advice also extends to Chargers, too, so keep that in mind.

    3. Splash Walls are your friends. Got foes rushing through a corridor? Stop them or slow them down by putting up a wall in their path. Under heavy fire? Put up a Splash Wall in the general direction of the onslaught and unleash the torrent of ink from the safety of the wall.

    4. You don't need a full charge to win duels. If you find yourself up close and personal with an enemy, you only need a quarter to a half of a charge ring (there are two rings that it fills to fully charge, unlike a Charger which has one) in order to get a kill, assuming you land your shots. The actual number of shots you need is 4, which the Splatling can charge up to very quickly. Long story short, you don't need to charge all the way to do damage, you just need about a half of a charge ring, or a quarter of a full charge. That being said, your range doesn't stay constant, but rather the more charge you have, the longer your shots will go. This means that you don't want to duel an opponent using only quick shots, but rather start off with as much of a charge as you can and then decrease the amount of charge used as needed.

    5. Aim it up a bit to get the max range. A 45 degree angle or so is enough to get the farthest you can shoot, due to some basic geometry. However, once the shots start to go downwards, it loses a lot of damage and accuracy, so use this trick only to ink turf.

    6. Don't be afraid to go melee. Unlike most Chargers, the fact that the Splatling fires like a Shooter makes it very good in close combat situations. While the charging mechanic is similar to a Charger, remember that you are not constricted to just long range; in fact, the Splatling's close quarters power is phenominal.

    I wish you the best of luck in learning this powerhouse gun! If you don't win a lot, don't worry, just keep at it! This has been Grimlai, and I say to you, Good Luck, Have Fun.

Recent Updates

  1. Details, details. 8/29/15

Recent Reviews

  1. tanookibob
    The explanation is clear, detailed, and well written. This is how a guide should be written.
  2. BarneyLTD
    I don't like using charged weapons but this guide a great explanation of advantages and disadvantages when up against one. Very informative
  3. aceofscarabs
    One important tip from a user of both Splatlings and the Inkbrush: Watch your blind spot! I've splatted a number of enemy Splatlings by manuvering into their blindside before they could shoot me, or by flanking them while they were focused on my teammates or my last known position.
  4. ShinyTogetic
    Amazing guide man!
    though the only thing I tend to fail when using this is trying to splat someone up close x.x
  5. Avatar K
    Avatar K
    It provides helpful advice, but I think the heavy splatling requires four shots to splat, not five. (28 base damage)
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I believe you are right! I tested it for myself a while back, and it does do 28 base damage. Since an inkling has 100 base health, 100/28 = a little more than 3.57; on other words, about 4 shots. I'll have to update the guide!
  6. Jeremyx7
    As a major splatling user myself (3rd main) I would agree with your assessment of this awesome powerhouse. Nice job!
  7. RoyLee
    Great guide!! I have wanted to pick up splatting, since I main charger and this guide gave me some wonderful tips! Very well done!
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      Thanks! As a fellow charger main, I feel ya; in fact, that's one of the MAIN reasons I wanted to write this guide.
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