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Windex: How to use the new squiffer

The Squiffer easily one of the hardest weapons to use, having the shortest range of all the chargers, however when properly used this weapon is a powerful tool against other chargers and non suspecting enemy players.

In this guide I will go over the gear, matchups, basic rules, as well as a whole section on how to use the inkmine to it full potential

Swim speed up: This in my opinion is the best tool for the squiffer since the squiffer has such a high mobility and need the movement in to position itself to best splat enemies. It also is very useful for escaping enemies in unfavorable scenario and tech chases.

Run speed up: This is another great choice although not need to be stacked as much as swim speed up it can help in peeking as well as quickly moving out of the way of other chargers line of sight or doing other attacks.

Defense up: Tanking shot is a great for holding your ground finish charging the full shot and against those awkward charger duels

Attack up: Not necessary unlike with other chargers you need the full charge in order to take enemies and unchanged shots won't splat enemies in 1 hit so make room for ther abilities that can work better

Bomb range up: It is theorized that this can extend the blast radius of the inkmine although it isn't really necessary so I wouldn't recommend it for the new squiffer (other Squiffers if you like it go nuts)

Ink recovery up: All chargers benefit from this so if you enjoy using this on chargers go ahead

Ink saver sub: I personally like this since I actually use the inkmine and 50% of your ink tank is used with each mine so if you do plan on using inkmine than have one in hand

Ink saver main: Again personal choice if you like this than go ahead and use it

Quick respawn: Yes, yes god yes this paired with defense up will make sure you stay in the battle and as a charger the longer you're in a battle the harder it is for enemies to push

Quick super jump + Stealth jump:
The quick you can get back into battle the more useful you are to your team although again swim speed can do the same

Special duration up:
Inkzooka is very useful and getting an extra shot or 2 is very useful although if they flank you prepare to die

Special charge up:
You got inkzooka get that as quick as we can to push further range chargers back or even splat them

Special saver:
Again I don't use this but so I can't recommend or support it

Gear specific abilities:
These depend on your style some chargers are used to certain abilities so this is a personal choice that I can't guide you on


Eliter 3k/ scope: Advantage
you have a quicker charge time so if you can position yourself to make it uncomfortable you can do well (plus sneaking up on scopes and placing a mine on them is hilarious)
Splatcharger/ scope: Disadvantage has only a slightly less charge speed and more range plus most have better kits so you will have to be more cautious and either hide in their blindspots or outskill them
Squiffers: Be the better charger classic has no close range defense and therefore will try out outside snipe you while fresh Squiffers try to use suction bomb to either splat you or force you into them so be wary
Bamboozler: Disadvantage
Be careful they have slightly more range and usually run dmg up so be careful your shtick though are wider so use this to make pathways to move away and keep away or allow other players to deal with them

Custom splatling: Advantage
Has range of a splat charger with a slightly longer charge up if you wait until they stop firing they are done for
Custom Hydra: Disadvantage
Most Hydra can out space and only need 3 hit to splat
Zink Mini: Disadvantage
Run lots of run speed up so they are hard to pin down but if you can stand back and hold your ground to finish the charge you will win this matchup
(Yes there are other but these are the ones you'll most likely see)

Slosher- Disadvantage
Positioning is a vital quality and since they can reach hiding spot you are at a disadvantages plus with either splash wall, burst bomb, and splat bombs you are not likely to win this unless you shoot first
Trislosher- Advantage
Range is shorter and therefore can't toss over barriers as well so if you can dodge their subs (or finish charge when disrupted) and stay away from their specials you will win
Sloshing machine- Dependent
on some maps the Sloshing machine is hard to beat since they can space their shot alot better , but one some maps you can normal avoid their attacks and win this matchups, (keep the high ground Anakin)

Ranged Blaster(Custom Grim): Disadvantage
Can splat you in a single shot or two, have good kits and have more range than you, best option is to use inkmine to force them out of their spacing or dodge the shot with your greater mobility and read the jump and the matchups will be easier
Luna- Advantage
If you keep your distance you're good if you set a mine trap you are good if you don't pay attention to their position (which I would make a habit of) point in general area wins
Blaster- Disadvantage
Got really good aoe damage and are really good at using it their range is close to yours and most time you'll end up trading unless you are sneaky and with echo or disruptor this is hard

Carbon: Disadvantage
Cause you know carbon roller best idea is to to force them to chase you and inkmine trap them or hit them as they run at you
Dynamo: Advantage
You and dynamo have near to the same attack speed, so if you can start the charge before they begin the swing then you'll win though beware the tempered dynamo can out range you with their subs and specials so be careful
Kraken splat roller: Disadvantage
Same tactics of carbon roller apply here just be careful since they have a slightly larger flick than their carbon counterpart so stay spaced out from them and cover ink near you to prevent sneak attacks

Lots of different types but general rule is just be patient as they do they Thatsrb2dude kid squid dodge the jump dodge and wait for the right moment to strike

Basic rules
-Trade only if other players are still alive dual mining allows you to easily take out 1 or more enemies but only do this in overtime or if your team will be at an advantage because of it
- Be risky, most chargers are very campy so if you are a little more risky and keep moving closers you can better pressure the enemy charger or other Ranged target
-Use inkmine wisely
-Hold you ground of you are close to a full charge most likely you will splat the opponent or at least trade with them
- keep an eye on your ink because of how close you have to get no ink can be a death sentence for you and nearby allies so be aware
- Don't fret disruptors you can get a full charge pretty quickly so just don't miss
-Inkzooka can space out most weapons so if you can't get into a position charge up inkzooka to pressure and splat longer ranged opponents

Ink Mines
-Use inkmine to make small ink paths to stealth fully attack enemy players or get back to your ink
- Place nearby ledges or close to tight areas harder to see when there is a some open space
-Mine the tower
-Place mine under rainmaker shield to stall for time or splat eager player
- Dual mine- place a mine and as it begins to explode place another (great for tech chases and suicide trades)
-Mine stealth jumpers
-Place mine below jump areas (ramp on moray towers, inclined lane below snipe on blackbelly)
-Use mine to force close range weapons into open easy to snipe areas, or close to you
- Play possum get stuck in ink and place mine as a player goes to attack you
-Use inkmine mine to slyly splatter dash through enemy ink
-Troll scoped chargers or inkzookas by placing inkmine behind them

Anyways I know the squiffer isn't the most popular tool by any means But I hope this guide will motivate you to give this fun and unique weapon a chance
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