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Image Title Text
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Bamboozler 14 MK I Bamboozler 14 MK I :wst_charge_light00:
Damage Up Damage Up :ability_damage:
Echolocator Echolocator :echolocator:
Girl Inkling Amiibo Clothes Girl Inkling Amiibo Clothes :clothes_amb000:
Girl Inkling Amiibo Headgear Girl Inkling Amiibo Headgear :head_amb000:
Seeker Seeker :seeker:
shoes_amb000 shoes_amb000 :shoes_amb000:
Bamboozler 14 MK II Bamboozler 14 MK II :wst_charge_light01:
Bomb Range Up Bomb Range Up :ability_bombrange:
Boy Inkling Amiibo Clothes Boy Inkling Amiibo Clothes :clothes_amb001:
Boy Inkling Amiibo Headgear Boy Inkling Amiibo Headgear :head_amb001:
Bubbler Bubbler :bubbler:
Burst Bomb Burst Bomb :burstbomb:
shoes_amb001 shoes_amb001 :shoes_amb001:
Splash Wall Splash Wall :splashwall:
Comeback Comeback :ability_comeback:
E-liter 3K E-liter 3K :wst_charge_long00:
Killer Wail Killer Wail :killerwail:
shoes_amb002 shoes_amb002 :shoes_amb002:
Squid Amiibo Clothes Squid Amiibo Clothes :clothes_amb002:
Squid Amiibo Headgear Squid Amiibo Headgear :head_amb002:
Suction Bomb Suction Bomb :suctionbomb:
Bomb Rush (Seeker) Bomb Rush (Seeker) :bombrushseeker:
clothes_first clothes_first :clothes_first:
Custom E-liter 3K Custom E-liter 3K :wst_charge_long01:
Haunt Haunt :ability_haunt:
head_cap000 head_cap000 :head_cap000:
shoes_bot000 shoes_bot000 :shoes_bot000:
Splat Bomb Splat Bomb :splatbomb:
Bomb Rush (Burst Bomb) Bomb Rush (Burst Bomb) :bombrushburstbomb: :bombrushburst:
clothes_hap000 clothes_hap000 :clothes_hap000:
Defense Up Defense Up :ability_defenseup:
Disruptor Disruptor :disruptor:
E-liter 3K Scope E-liter 3K Scope :wst_charge_longscp00:
head_cap001 head_cap001 :head_cap001:
shoes_bot001 shoes_bot001 :shoes_bot001:
Bomb Rush (Suction Bomb) Bomb Rush (Suction Bomb) :bombrushsuctionbomb: :bombrushsuction:
clothes_jkt000 clothes_jkt000 :clothes_jkt000:
Custom E-liter 3K Scope Custom E-liter 3K Scope :wst_charge_longscp01:
head_cap002 head_cap002 :head_cap002:
Last-Ditch Effort Last-Ditch Effort :ability_lastditcheffort: :ability_lastditch: :ability_lasteffort:
shoes_bot002 shoes_bot002 :shoes_bot002:
Squid Beacon Squid Beacon :squidbeacon: :beacon:
Bomb Rush (Splat Bomb) Bomb Rush (Splat Bomb) :bombrush: :bombrushsplatbomb: :bombrushsplat:
clothes_jkt001 clothes_jkt001 :clothes_jkt001:
head_cap003 head_cap003 :head_cap003:
Ink Resistance Up Ink Resistance Up :ability_inkresistance: :ability_resistance:
Point Sensor Point Sensor :pointsensor:
shoes_bot003 shoes_bot003 :shoes_bot003:
Splat Charger Splat Charger :wst_charge_normal00:
clothes_jkt002 clothes_jkt002 :clothes_jkt002:
head_cap004 head_cap004 :head_cap004:
Kelp Splat Charger Kelp Splat Charger :wst_charge_normal01:
Kraken Kraken :kraken:
Run Speed Up Run Speed Up :ability_runspeed: :ability_run:
shoes_bot004 shoes_bot004 :shoes_bot004:
clothes_jkt003 clothes_jkt003 :clothes_jkt003:
head_cap005 head_cap005 :head_cap005:
Hero Charger Replica Hero Charger Replica :wst_charge_normalh:
Ink Recovery Up Ink Recovery Up :ability_inkrecovery:
Inkzooka Inkzooka :inkzooka:
shoes_cfs000 shoes_cfs000 :shoes_cfs000:
Sprinkler Sprinkler :sprinkler:
clothes_msn clothes_msn :clothes_msn:
head_cap006 head_cap006 :head_cap006:
Ink Mine Ink Mine :inkmine:
Inkstrike Inkstrike :inkstrike:
Quick Super Jump Quick Super Jump :ability_quicksuperjump: :ability_quickjump: :ability_superjump: :ability_squidjump:
shoes_cfs001 shoes_cfs001 :shoes_cfs001:
Splatterscope Splatterscope :wst_charge_normalscp00:
clothes_plo000 clothes_plo000 :clothes_plo000:
head_cap007 head_cap007 :head_cap007:
Ink Saver (Main) Ink Saver (Main) :ability_inksavermain: :ability_inkmain: :ability_savemain: :ability_mainsave:
Kelp Splatterscope Kelp Splatterscope :wst_charge_normalscp01:
shoes_first shoes_first shoes_first
Classic Squiffer Classic Squiffer :wst_charge_quick00:
clothes_plo001 clothes_plo001 :clothes_plo001:
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded :ability_coldblooded: :ability_coldblood:
head_cap008 head_cap008 :head_cap008:
shoes_lts000 shoes_lts000 :shoes_lts000:
clothes_plo002 clothes_plo002 :clothes_plo002:
head_cap009 head_cap009 :head_cap009:
New Squiffer New Squiffer :wst_charge_quick01:
shoes_lts001 shoes_lts001 :shoes_lts001:
Tenacity Tenacity :ability_tenacity:
clothes_plo003 clothes_plo003 :clothes_plo003:
head_cap010 head_cap010 :head_cap010:
Inkbrush Inkbrush :wst_roller_brushmini00:
Recon Recon :ability_recon:
shoes_lts002 shoes_lts002 :shoes_lts002:
clothes_plo004 clothes_plo004 :clothes_plo004:
head_cap011 head_cap011 :head_cap011:
Inkbrush Nouveau Inkbrush Nouveau :wst_roller_brushmini01:
shoes_msn000 shoes_msn000 :shoes_msn000:
Special Saver Special Saver :ability_specialsaver: :ability_specialsave:
clothes_prk000 clothes_prk000 :clothes_prk000:
head_eye000 head_eye000 :head_eye000:
Octobrush Octobrush :wst_roller_brushnormal00:
Quick Respawn Quick Respawn :ability_quickrespawn: :ability_quickspawn: :ability_respawn:
shoes_msn001 shoes_msn001 :shoes_msn001:
clothes_prk001 clothes_prk001 :clothes_prk001:
head_eye001 head_eye001 :head_eye001:
Octobrush Nouveau Octobrush Nouveau :wst_roller_brushnormal01:
Special Charge Up Special Charge Up :ability_specialcharge:
Carbon Roller Carbon Roller :wst_roller_compact00:
clothes_prk002 clothes_prk002 :clothes_prk002:
head_eye002 head_eye002 :head_eye002:
head_eye003 head_eye003 :head_eye003:
Special Duration Up Special Duration Up :ability_specialduration: :ability_duration:
Carbon Roller Deco Carbon Roller Deco :wst_roller_compact01:
clothes_rvl clothes_rvl :clothes_rvl:
shoes_rvl000 shoes_rvl000 :shoes_rvl000:
Swim Speed Up Swim Speed Up :ability_swimspeed: :ability_swim:
clothes_shirt000 clothes_shirt000 :clothes_shirt000:
Dynamo Roller Dynamo Roller :wst_roller_heavy00:
head_eye004 head_eye004 :head_eye004:
Ninja Squid Ninja Squid :ability_ninjasquid: :ability_ninja:
shoes_sdl000 shoes_sdl000 :shoes_sdl000:
clothes_shirt001 clothes_shirt001 :clothes_shirt001:
Gold Dynamo Roller Gold Dynamo Roller :wst_roller_heavy01:
head_eye005 head_eye005 :head_eye005:
Opening Gambit Opening Gambit :ability_openinggambit: :ability_gambit:
shoes_sdl001 shoes_sdl001 :shoes_sdl001:
clothes_shirt002 clothes_shirt002 :clothes_shirt002:
head_eye006 head_eye006 :head_eye006:
Ink Saver (Sub) Ink Saver (Sub) :ability_inksaversub: :ability_inksub: :ability_savesub: :ability_subsave:
shoes_shi000 shoes_shi000 :shoes_shi000:
Splat Roller Splat Roller :wst_roller_normal00:
clothes_shirt003 clothes_shirt003 :clothes_shirt003:
head_eye007 head_eye007 :head_eye007:
Krak-On Splat Roller Krak-On Splat Roller :wst_roller_normal01:
shoes_shi001 shoes_shi001 :shoes_shi001:
Stealth Jump Stealth Jump :ability_stealthjump: :ability_stealth:
Bomb Sniffer Bomb Sniffer :ability_bombsniffer: :ability_sniffer: :ability_bomb:
clothes_shirt004 clothes_shirt004 :clothes_shirt004:
head_first head_first :head_first:
Hero Roller Replica Hero Roller Replica :wst_roller_normalh:
shoes_shi002 shoes_shi002 :shoes_shi002:
Aerospray MG Aerospray MG :wst_shot_blaze00:
clothes_shirt005 clothes_shirt005 :clothes_shirt005:
head_hat000 head_hat000 :head_hat000:
shoes_shi003 shoes_shi003 :shoes_shi003:
Unknown Unknown :ability_unknown: :ability_blank: :ability_none:
Aerospray RG Aerospray RG :wst_shot_blaze01:
clothes_shirt006 clothes_shirt006 :clothes_shirt006:
head_hat001 head_hat001 :head_hat001:
shoes_shi004 shoes_shi004 :shoes_shi004:
clothes_shirt007 clothes_shirt007 :clothes_shirt007:
head_hat002 head_hat002 :head_hat002:
shoes_shi005 shoes_shi005 :shoes_shi005:
Splattershot Pro Splattershot Pro :wst_shot_expert00:
clothes_shirt008 clothes_shirt008 :clothes_shirt008:
Forge Splattershot Pro Forge Splattershot Pro :wst_shot_expert01:
head_hbd000 head_hbd000 :head_hbd000:
shoes_shi006 shoes_shi006 :shoes_shi006:
clothes_shirt009 clothes_shirt009 :clothes_shirt009:
head_hbd001 head_hbd001 :head_hbd001:
Rapid Blaster Rapid Blaster :wst_shot_explight00:
shoes_sht000 shoes_sht000 :shoes_sht000:
clothes_shirt010 clothes_shirt010 :clothes_shirt010:
head_hbd002 head_hbd002 :head_hbd002:
Rapid Blaster Deco Rapid Blaster Deco :wst_shot_explight01:
shoes_sht001 shoes_sht001 :shoes_sht001:
clothes_shirt011 clothes_shirt011 :clothes_shirt011:
head_hbd003 head_hbd003 :head_hbd003:
Rapid Blaster Pro Rapid Blaster Pro :wst_shot_explightlong00:
shoes_sht002 shoes_sht002 :shoes_sht002:
clothes_shirt012 clothes_shirt012 :clothes_shirt012:
head_hbd004 head_hbd004 :head_hbd004:
Rapid Blaster Pro Deco Rapid Blaster Pro Deco :wst_shot_explightlong01:
shoes_sht003 shoes_sht003 :shoes_sht003:
Blaster Blaster :wst_shot_explong00:
clothes_shirt013 clothes_shirt013 :clothes_shirt013:
head_hdp000 head_hdp000 :head_hdp000:
shoes_sht004 shoes_sht004 :shoes_sht004:
clothes_shirt014 clothes_shirt014 :clothes_shirt014:
Range Blaster Range Blaster :wst_shot_explong01:
shoes_sht005 shoes_sht005 :shoes_sht005:
clothes_swt000 clothes_swt000 :clothes_swt000:
Custom Blaster Custom Blaster :wst_shot_expmiddle00:
head_hdp001 head_hdp001 :head_hdp001:
shoes_sht006 shoes_sht006 :shoes_sht006:
clothes_swt001 clothes_swt001 :clothes_swt001:
Custom Range Blaster Custom Range Blaster :wst_shot_expmiddle01:
head_hdp002 head_hdp002 :head_hdp002:
shoes_sht007 shoes_sht007 :shoes_sht007:
clothes_swt002 clothes_swt002 :clothes_swt002:
head_met000 head_met000 :head_met000:
Luna Blaster Luna Blaster :wst_shot_expshort00:
shoes_sht008 shoes_sht008 :shoes_sht008:
clothes_swt003 clothes_swt003 :clothes_swt003:
head_met002 head_met002 :head_met002:
head_met003 head_met003 :head_met003:
Luna Blaster Neo Luna Blaster Neo :wst_shot_expshort01:
shoes_sht009 shoes_sht009 :shoes_sht009:
clothes_swt004 clothes_swt004 :clothes_swt004:
head_met004 head_met004 :head_met004:
shoes_slo000 shoes_slo000 :shoes_slo000:
Splattershot Jr. Splattershot Jr. :wst_shot_first00:
clothes_swt005 clothes_swt005 :clothes_swt005:
Custom Splattershot Jr. Custom Splattershot Jr. :wst_shot_first01:
head_met005 head_met005 :head_met005:
shoes_slo001 shoes_slo001 :shoes_slo001:
.52 Gal .52 Gal :wst_shot_gravity00:
clothes_swt006 clothes_swt006 :clothes_swt006:
head_msk000 head_msk000 :head_msk000:
shoes_slo002 shoes_slo002 :shoes_slo002:
.52 Gal Deco .52 Gal Deco :wst_shot_gravity01:
clothes_tel000 clothes_tel000 :clothes_tel000:
head_msk001 head_msk001 :head_msk001:
shoes_slo003 shoes_slo003 :shoes_slo003:
.96 Gal .96 Gal :wst_shot_heavy00:
clothes_tel001 clothes_tel001 :clothes_tel001:
head_msn000 head_msn000 :head_msn000:
shoes_slo004 shoes_slo004 :shoes_slo004:
.96 Gal Deco .96 Gal Deco :wst_shot_heavy01:
clothes_tel002 clothes_tel002 :clothes_tel002:
head_ncp000 head_ncp000 :head_ncp000:
shoes_slo005 shoes_slo005 :shoes_slo005:
clothes_tel003 clothes_tel003 :clothes_tel003:
head_ncp001 head_ncp001 :head_ncp001:
Jet Squelcher Jet Squelcher :wst_shot_long00:
shoes_slo006 shoes_slo006 :shoes_slo006:
clothes_tel004 clothes_tel004 :clothes_tel004:
Custom Jet Squelcher Custom Jet Squelcher :wst_shot_long01:
head_ncp002 head_ncp002 :head_ncp002:
shoes_slo007: shoes_slo007: :shoes_slo007:
clothes_tel005 clothes_tel005 :clothes_tel005:
head_ncp003 head_ncp003 :head_ncp003:
shoes_slp000 shoes_slp000 :shoes_slp000:
Splattershot Splattershot :wst_shot_normal00:
clothes_tel006 clothes_tel006 :clothes_tel006:
head_rvl000 head_rvl000 :head_rvl000:
shoes_slp001 shoes_slp001 :shoes_slp001:
Tentatek Splattershot Tentatek Splattershot :wst_shot_normal01:
clothes_tel007 clothes_tel007 :clothes_tel007:
head_vis000 head_vis000 :head_vis000:
Hero Shot Replica Hero Shot Replica :wst_shot_normalh:
shoes_slp002 shoes_slp002 :shoes_slp002:
clothes_tel008 clothes_tel008 :clothes_tel008:
head_vis001 head_vis001 :head_vis001:
shoes_trs000 shoes_trs000 :shoes_trs000:
Splash-o-matic Splash-o-matic :wst_shot_precision00:
clothes_tel009 clothes_tel009 :clothes_tel009:
Neo Splash-o-matic Neo Splash-o-matic :wst_shot_precision01:
shoes_trs001 shoes_trs001 :shoes_trs001:
clothes_tel010 clothes_tel010 :clothes_tel010:
Dual Squelcher Dual Squelcher :wst_shot_quicklong00:
shoes_trs002 shoes_trs002 :shoes_trs002:
clothes_tel011 clothes_tel011 :clothes_tel011:
Custom Dual Squelcher Custom Dual Squelcher :wst_shot_quicklong01:
clothes_tel012 clothes_tel012 :clothes_tel012:
N-ZAP '85 N-ZAP '85 :wst_shot_quickmiddle00:
clothes_tes000 clothes_tes000 :clothes_tes000:
N-ZAP '89 N-ZAP '89 :wst_shot_quickmiddle01:
clothes_tes001 clothes_tes001 :clothes_tes001:
Sploosh-o-matic Sploosh-o-matic :wst_shot_short00:
Neo Sploosh-o-matic Neo Sploosh-o-matic :wst_shot_short01:
clothes_tes002 clothes_tes002 :clothes_tes002:
clothes_tes003 clothes_tes003 :clothes_tes003:
H-3 Nozzlenose H-3 Nozzlenose :wst_shot_triplemiddle00:
clothes_tes004 clothes_tes004 :clothes_tes004:
H-3 Nozzlenose D H-3 Nozzlenose D :wst_shot_triplemiddle01:
clothes_tes005 clothes_tes005 :clothes_tes005:
L-3 Nozzlenose L-3 Nozzlenose :wst_shot_triplequick00:
clothes_tes006 clothes_tes006 :clothes_tes006:
L-3 Nozzlenose D L-3 Nozzlenose D :wst_shot_triplequick01:
clothes_tes007 clothes_tes007 :clothes_tes007:
clothes_tes008 clothes_tes008 :clothes_tes008:
clothes_tes009 clothes_tes009 :clothes_tes009:
clothes_tes010 clothes_tes010 :clothes_tes010:
clothes_tes011 clothes_tes011 :clothes_tes011:
clothes_tes012 clothes_tes012 :clothes_tes012:
clothes_tes013 clothes_tes013 :clothes_tes013:
clothes_tes014 clothes_tes014 :clothes_tes014:
clothes_tes015 clothes_tes015 :clothes_tes015:
clothes_tes016 clothes_tes016 :clothes_tes016:
clothes_tes017 clothes_tes017 :clothes_tes017:
clothes_tes018 clothes_tes018 :clothes_tes018:
clothes_tes019 clothes_tes019 :clothes_tes019:
clothes_tes020 clothes_tes020 :clothes_tes020:
clothes_tes021 clothes_tes021 :clothes_tes021:
clothes_tes022 clothes_tes022 :clothes_tes022:
clothes_tes023 clothes_tes023 :clothes_tes023:
clothes_tes024 clothes_tes024 :clothes_tes024:
clothes_tes025 clothes_tes025 :clothes_tes025:
clothes_tly000 clothes_tly000 :clothes_tly000:
clothes_tly001 clothes_tly001 :clothes_tly001:
clothes_tly002 clothes_tly002 :clothes_tly002:
clothes_tly003 clothes_tly003 :clothes_tly003:
clothes_tly004 clothes_tly004 :clothes_tly004:
clothes_tly005 clothes_tly005 :clothes_tly005:
clothes_tly006 clothes_tly006 :clothes_tly006:
clothes_tly007 clothes_tly007 :clothes_tly007:
clothes_tly008 clothes_tly008 :clothes_tly008:
clothes_tank000 clothes_tank000 :clothes_tank000:
clothes_tank001 clothes_tank001 :clothes_tank001:
clothes_vest000 clothes_vest000 clothes_vest000
clothes_vest001 clothes_vest001 :clothes_vest001:
clothes_vest002 clothes_vest002 :clothes_vest002:
clothes_vest003 clothes_vest003 :clothes_vest003:
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