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Recent content by ★Forge

  1. ★Forge

    Best & Worst Map/Mode Survery

    Camp Triggerfish won :)
  2. ★Forge

    What is your list of best to worst maps?

    1. Piranha Pit. My First ever game of Splatoon was on this map, It's nice and big, Chargers aren't a problem for me on this one because there is many paths and if I do try to Splat one, the conveyer belts helps me to sneak up on them. In Ranked, I only play Rainmaker, and this stage no longer...
  3. ★Forge

    Are rollers less used these days?

    Depends on the Stage I guess, My main Roller is the KrakOn but I like both Carbon Rollers aswell
  4. ★Forge

    My Black Arrowbands; Do I need to change them?

    I have 3 accounts and none of them have ever got a shiny just by unlocking them. I'm so unlucky in this game
  5. ★Forge

    My Black Arrowbands; Do I need to change them?

    You got that just by levelling up? Wow.
  6. ★Forge

    "Shiny" and "Pure" Gear Compendium

    I got the Cream Basics with 3 Ink Recovery Ups Today
  7. ★Forge

    Ink Saver Sub Usefulness?

    I like it, E Litre 3k is most effected by it if you stack two mains or six subs, Will give you 3 Burst Bombs which is good for defending is someone tries to sneak up on you
  8. ★Forge

    Which weapon makes you salty

    Custom Range Blaster
  9. ★Forge

    What is your favorite map + mode combo?

    I don't do Ranked much, Unless it's Rainmaker and a Good stage (Arowana is My Favourite) So RM: Arowana Mall, Flounder Heights, Urchin Underpass, TW: Piranha Pit and Flounder Heights And Every other stage, Except HB, AVG, WW, PM,
  10. ★Forge

    The worst map...EVER!!!

    Finally Someone else hates hammerhead Bridge as much as me! :)
  11. ★Forge

    Port Mackerel: Analysis and Thoughts Thread

    I don't mind it, But I don't LIKE it, For Turf War it's good, And TC is obviously Bad, It's just so small, It's probably best on Rainmaker Because of the Narrow Corridors, And Lots of Crates to hide behind, On SZ is just Chaos, The Splat Zones are WAY Too far apart, The crates aren't useful for...
  12. ★Forge

    Map Discussion: Flounder Heights

    I Love Flounder Heights, It's one of my Favourites
  13. ★Forge

    The worst map...EVER!!!

    Hey! Piranha Pit is my Favourite :£
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