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  • Hello!! Is it possible delete my account?? For error in the register, the mobile put my real name and surname in the username, and i want to save my privacity. Thank you very much
    Hello, Mr. AlphaZealot! I have encountered a problem with Squidboards in terms of posting threads and I was wondering whether you would be able to help me with it. When I insert an image in the thread I'm creating, the image appears, but not when I preview it. I've seen the same issue happen with threads I view. I would really appreciate it if you would suggest some solutions. Thank you for your time!

    B. Rush.
    I can’t change my photo for some reason it won’t let me all it’s says is system error try again later
    Hey, is there anyway i can change my name to Riley? Reason being is that the name 'Zak98' had a negative impact of who I am from the Mario Kart community for controversey such; since i'm generally a new person. That's why I've changed my name to it, my discord and such is Riley.

    Thanks! :)
    Hey AlphaZealot. Looking for advice on where/how to start competitive playing for my 10 year son? He loves Splatoons and is really good. He really wants to start playing competitively/tournaments. Looking for some guidance on how to start him out on the right foot? Any advice/directions on where to start or go read would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    Is there anyway I can change my email address without knowing my password? Some loser hacked me and if I ever log out I won't be able to get back in, unless I can get my new email address on here, but the hacker changed my password and my email address. Thanku
    I put my birthday wrong I put January 1, 2001 when creating my profile my real birthday is January 1, 1998
    Hey! Just joined and I put my age as 20 as a joke when really i was born in 2001, can you change this? Sorry i thought i would just be able to change this once i make the account
    how approve my post?
    Trieste Sp
    Trieste Sp
    Moderators will approve your posts. We'll always get your posts. The reason this is in place is to filter out ad bots.
    When I log in the site tells me I don't have permission to view the page. Have I been banned? I made a new account so I could ask. I was recently offered a position as a writer. I'm guessing that when they went to give me new permissions someone clicked the wrong bottom and banned me. The account is Jugglec I'm listed as a mod now, but I can't do anything when I'm logged into that account. Please help!
    Hi, can you tell me when post moderation won't affect me anymore? Just wondering why my posts have to be approved first. ;o EDIT: Lol it's here too http://prntscr.com/9on5xi
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    It's a process to prevent bots from flooding the forums. Do not worry, you will get past it but it's just a matter of time. Please bear with us
    Hi sir hope all is well.
    I have a problem how do i turn off email alerts ? I keep getting loads on a daily basis.
    Hi, I am unable to create a thread on my group page, could it be the reason that I double posted in another thread?
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