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Nov 26, 2019
Aug 20, 2019
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Inkling, Female

BlueOctoVeemo was last seen:
Nov 26, 2019
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  • About

    Hello! I'm BlueOctoVeemo as well as @BoredWoomy on Twitter! I've been in the community as a lurker for quite sometime before I got my hands on Splatoon 2 for the Switch. I have played Splatoon 1 on the Wii U and I got into the game through the Calamari Inkantation.

    Splatoon has helped me in the darkest hours of my life so I owe a lot to this game for giving me a semblence of hope in the midst of despair.

    Likes: Eating, Writing, Reading, Gaming, Hoodies, Music, Dualies, Sleeping (sometimes), the whole sweet bar at the nearest cafe
    Dislikes: Peer Pressure, Sploosh o'matics (Finalfest messed with me), the stereotypical Insta-girl voice (I cannot stand it), gossip (loud gossip), loud noises and chargers in Turf War (seriously, why?)

    Oh and I like colours. Messing with colours too, if you haven't noticed by this bio alone lol.

    Splat 2 Splatfest Teams:
    Retro | Treat | Guacamole | Hero | Family | Pancake | Wizard | Hare | Time Travel | Unicorn | Order |
    Splat 1 Splatfest Teams (EU/Oceania):
    Messy | Dogs | Zombies | Anti-Pineapple | Rich | Patrick | Fancy Dress | Marie |
    (P.S missed World Tour v Space Adventure, Hoverboard v Jetpack, Pokemon Red v Blue, Barbarian v Ninja splatfests due to life schedules)


    Switch Friend Code:


    Name: BoredWoomy/GodButMeme
    Console: Switch/WiiU

    Level: 50 (Splat1) | 68 (Splat2)
    Rank: A- | Splat Zones (B+), Rainmaker (B-), Clam Blitz (B-), Tower Control (B)

    Octo Expansion Progress: Purchased (100% Completed )
    Grizzco Job Rating: Profreshional (400)

    Titles: Ultimate Bullsquit/"That Bngyesh with the aims of a god"
    Quote: "Friends disowned me twice because I was too good at the game."
    I have been diagnosed with PTSSD [Post-Traumatic Stressful Shift Disorder].
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