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  • Iru! I seyo Wario šobi ziega de!
    (Hello! My name is Wario94!)
    Since my guess that you must be one of a few people (including @PiyozR) who were created a more proper version of the Inkling language, I would ask you something:
    Would you be my mišaiya zoi?
    (Mišaiya zoi = teacher = school person)
    I do some competitive Smash. I mean Lucas with a pocket Peach. I'm one of the lowest-ranking regulars in my local scene. You said you Smash, too?
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    Not as much now as I did last year or so, though I still pick up smash every once in a while (I am primarily a Melee Falco with a Marth pocket pick, and occasionally play in Sm4sh). I am also relatively bottom-ranked compared to the rest of my local scene.
    Ah. I can't do Melee to save my life. I just down smash or nair as Peach. Our scene is small enough that we only have about twenty five or so regulars, if that. We mainly drink and quote Star Fox 64 all night.
    So that was all the colors in my new emblem: Yate, Hae, Sen, Ami, Ao, and Hota. Not counting gray.
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