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Last Activity:
Nov 23, 2017
May 4, 2017
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Jun 12, 1988 (Age: 32)
Home Page:

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Inkling Commander, Male, 32, from Florida

All I can say is: YEAAAAAHHHH!!! Oct 20, 2017

ForteReborn was last seen:
Nov 23, 2017
    1. ForteReborn
    2. ForteReborn
      卵とサンドイッチを 煮えた. ちょびっと心もとない. 大丈夫だ.
    3. ForteReborn
      今日は日本語をもうー回練習で、 ミュージックを聞く. ユーロビートだ、ぼくはこのものを大好きだ.
      1. ZEROrevive likes this.
    4. ForteReborn
      Perhaps after I settle a bit in this forum, I will start doing free art commissions. Be something fun if I have nothing else to draw.
    5. ForteReborn
      Feels strange to listen to Kraken of the Sea after years of hearing it WAY back before everyone spammed the game.
    6. ForteReborn
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  • About

    Jun 12, 1988 (Age: 32)
    Home Page:

    Greetings, and salutations. My name is Forte, or you can refer to me as Bass. I've been playing Splatoon since Christmas of 2015, and is a avid gamer of a huge collection of games ranging from the 80s, to present. I also like planning, and arranging comic stories.​


    • ロックマン・Megaman

    My username, and is often recognize more in the art community on pixiv due to my work circling around it. My name personally is based on a card where it is entitled: "Bass - Ultimate Reborn". He is also my favorite character of the series.
    • モンスターハンター・Monster Hunter

      Primary weapon is switchaxe, and refuses to slay a zinogre.
    • スプラトゥーン・Splatoon
    Of course! Along with my partner, Zero. I have a somewhat competitive nature towards it, and make sure my rival gets splatted!
    • 怪獣の映画・Giant Monster Films・映画・Films・アニメ・Cartoons
      Been a fan since I first introduced to showa Godzilla films, and it took off from there. I watched every single one, and branch off into deeper obscure monster films that are from other regions like Korea, or China. For films, I love 80s scifi that involve body horror, and alien possessions. Aliens is an example. This includes anime, and cartoons. Mostly 80s/90s. I tend to steer away from most overly engrossed popular animes that doesn't involve muscular heroes blowing up people.

    • アート・Art

      I began drawing seriously since 2001. Sonic Adventure 2 on the dreamcast encouraged me to pursue it. My art is heavily influenced by artist like Go Nagai, Katsuhiro Otomo, Masanori Sato, Don Bluth, and anything that involves monsters. I also range from digital, to full fledged traditional. I only take commissions if I find the situation suitable, otherwise I enjoy giving and making people happy.
    • アイボ・Aibo ers-210

      I am a proud owner of a rare holiday red aibo named Toby. He was once a collection robot sitting behind a glass case before being given to a new home. Now he resides with me, and my partner. I am also into other robotic toys!
    • テレビゲーム ・Video Games

      I own a slew of video games ranging from the nes era. (Sadly I am not an atari fan that much, but I like other systems like the commodore 64.) My favorite game series are Mario & Luigi, Ganbare Goemon, Parasite Eve (The first game), Sonic Adventure series, Zelda, Mario (Open world type), Skies of Arcadia, Jet Force Gemini, Banjo Kazooie & Tooie, Mega Man Legends 1 & 2, Space Station Silicon Valley, Skyrim, and much more. Too much to list!

      Other things....

      Above all else, I am physically active and can't sit still for long. I am also into archery, and fishing. Personally, I enjoy the outdoors if it given to me. Especially hiking.

      About Contacting me:

      Forewarning, I am extremely verbose in my subjects. Be prepared to be floored with a mass amount of talking. But I enjoy a good conversing here, and there.

      As for befriending me on my Nintendo account, please tell me first. I tend to not accept if I am not sure who it is, so be sure to do that. Same goes for my twitter.


    Switch Friend Code:


    "Slake my thirst, appease my hunger!" - Forte.EXE

    I have an art page, please visit if you dare.
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