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Feb 5, 2019
Jul 23, 2016
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Inkster Jr.

Inuranchan was last seen:
Feb 5, 2019
    1. cm250
      12 year old here

      I want to know how to start a team and get it popular on the forums
      1. Inuranchan
        It's been about a year but if you're still interested/struggling: DM me.
        I don't really check my profile page too often, and actually only saw most of the comments I've replied to here by accident lol
        Feb 5, 2019
    2. Dash Dash
      Dash Dash
      Also posted this in your forum...

      S+ Nzap and Dualie Squelchers, very aggressive, level 73ish with 700ish hours played, on Discord w/ VC and EST, I play often on most days, especially after 7 and weekends
      1. Inuranchan
        Sent ya a DM buddy.
        Jan 19, 2018
    3. CM2
      If you're interested then let me know by DMing me. I would love to join as long as we don't bicker against each other. :heart: I haven't joined a team since more than two years.

      I copy and paste it from a Discord server. I hope you don't mind. Just curious if you're interested.
    4. CM2
      Mains: Splattershot Pro/Forge, Range Blaster, N-Zap 85'/89', Sloshing Machine, Tri-Slosher, and more.
      PlayStyle: Supportive but I can also be aggressive if the need arises.
      VC: I have VC in the past but I don't know that many callouts in Splatoon 2
      Activity: I'm available on weekends and on weekdays it depends since school is starting next week.
      Timezone: PST
    5. CM2
      IGN: CM2
      Age: 26
      Friend code: 5025-6146-1628
      Level: 63
      Splatoon 1 experience: Peaked at S+ 34
      SZ: S+2
      RM: S+3
      TC: S+1
      CB: S+1
    6. Dustin Gassera
      Dustin Gassera
      Do you still need onextra more player
      1. Inuranchan
        We got a few people asking to join now. Might need a sub though, if you'd be okay with that (might).
        Nov 4, 2016
    7. Dustin Gassera
      Dustin Gassera
      Hey I have also been desperately looking for people to play in the tournament with, my brother and I play everyday our strengths are rainmaker and tower control; I'be been an S two times and am currently an A (I'be been an A+ 4 time's this week) my nnid is Mordo88 and my phone number is 9416237511 (if we team up communication would be a good thing)
      Thanks for reading this
      1. Inuranchan
        Hey, I'm in talks with a few players and am waiting on their answer. If it falls apart, I'll consider joining you two.
        Nov 2, 2016
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