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  • Iru! I'm new here. :)

    I've seen all of your Inkopolis University lessons and read your guide and I love it!

    After reading all of your fantastic material, it got me thinking: now that Splatoon 2 is out for atleast a year, there's more new stuff. So would the conlang get updated?

    Also, are you planning on making an Octoling language?
    Hoping to see more of your work.

    Hanu! :D
    iru! i need help with something.
    first is there something to help me memorize the inkling language
    thanks in advance
    Iru! I seyo Terasio
    Sorry to bother you here, I have a question regarding the pdf files. I have found 2 versions online, one that has a modified date on the first page and one that is separated into Units. Is there a preferred version in regards to learning the inkling language? Or can they both be used to learn from?
    Iru! I seyo Wario šobi ziega de!
    (Hello! My name is Wario94!)
    Since my guess that you must be one of a few people (including yourself) who were created a more proper version of the Inkling language, I would ask you something:
    Would you be my mišaiya zoi?
    (Mišaiya zoi = teacher = school person)
    si kediho! Glad to see someone so interested in the conlang! Have you checked out the Inkopolis University videos on YouTube?
    Already did! And I'm thinking I'll watching it again in the future to remembering back on my own mind again!
    In regards to the keyboard related discussion, with how the Octoling language is designed, it makes it possible for a standard keyboard to be used. Perhaps Inkling boards may input characters more or less like a Korean keyboard, where the base glyphs are input as one types, and special "mutator" keys will transform glyphs on the fly? As an added benefit, no mutations applied is a simple means to abbreviate phrases.
    Sorry to bother you or anything, but I recently found out about the conlang and the Inkling guide said to contact you about any typos we find. So, on page 77 it says "i ru" instead of "iru"
    I also just got a squidboards account so I don't know if there's any better way to contact you if I see anything else of have any questions.
    That's not a mistake. The notation can spell it as one word or as two. Since "hello" means "I rise", it's pretty much the same thing.

    Sorry about the late reply. I don't get the chance to visit this place very much at all anymore. I'm happy to see that you're interested in the conlang. Any other comments or questions are welcome.
    Sorry for bothering you if you're busy but is there any way to write English names in Inkling? Do you just choose the sounds that fit well and natural? I can't really word this any better but I hope you'll understand ;) Thanks for answering, if you do answer this!
    Edit: I also wanna know how to make nouns plural in Inkling, if there is a way.
    Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I had a question about Inkling (the language). Are Inkling the species and Inkling the language both múyo zói? Thanks!
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    The Inklings as a race are called {múyo zói] as in "ink people". Inkling as a language is called [múyo bói].
    Hello! Pardon for the intrusion, but what is the song in your About section called?
    Woops! Sorry, Squidboards didn't notify me of your comment. Those are lyrics from BLING BLING BLING by Queen Sea Big Shark.
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