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  • Thanks for letting me join your group. How do I connect with the team in the game? Thanks for your time, and I look forward to splatting squids with you soon.
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    Ayyyyy hai. Srry for the late resonse. To play with us, you just need to post your NNID in the NNID sharing thread, or u can just tell us. I'm planning to have a big training session today.
    S rank boss! Time to start using motion controls! Rough start, but I know I can do it! GO SPLAT SQUAD!
    Grieving the loss of team science...
    I feel ya, I was on Team Science too. But know this:

    1) Splattershots are created with a pressure system that shoots ink from the tank on your back

    2) Science is used to design and engineer these pressure systems

    3) The only reason Splattershots (and other weapons) work is because of SCIENCE.
    4) Without Splattershots and other weapons, Inklings would not be able to paint their turf.

    5) If they can't paint their turf, then they cannot create works of ART that are the result of ink battles.

    6) ART in Splatoon is only made possible with technology that uses SCIENCE.
    Thank you for responding to me

    I use the Tentanek Splattershot as my main but I also use other weapons

    I play as a middle man, which means that I use defensive or offensive plays
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