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  • Hello!! Is it possible delete my account?? For error in the register, the mobile put my real name and surname in the username, and i want to save my privacity. Thank you very much
    question. I have two groups that I made and two groups I am in but when I tried to join another group it said I am at max for groups. why is this happening?
    Hello, Mr./Mrs. Administrator! I have encountered a problem with Squidboards in terms of posting threads and I was wondering whether you would be able to help me with it. When I insert an image in the thread I'm creating, the image appears, but not when I preview it. I've seen the same issue happen with threads I view. I would really appreciate it if you would suggest some solutions. Thank you!

    B. Rush.
    Can I change my birthday? I was actually born in 2001, but I said 1987 because I thought the birth date wouldn't matter
    Loving the site! way better than what I was expecting >.<
    will the beta be closing? just asking out of curiosity
    That online thing on profile pictures is really neat! I've never seen it before, honestly. :)
    Not a fan of it being Pink now, though.
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