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Recent content by Squido the Inkling

  1. Squido the Inkling

    Guess which weapon class the next person loves.

    ...T_T I only like da soda slosher. I main guns. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. YOU LURVE YA ROLLER
  2. Squido the Inkling

    Ask Coral thread

    If you guys get an invitation to smash, we'll probably see humans there! Hey Coral, how do you get an invitation to smash?
  3. Squido the Inkling

    gimmie ur ocs

    OK, I have a couple here. Be as harsh as you want. I'm not gonna feel offended. ANIMAL CROSSING OC (you can't see it but it's raining in that picture, hence the umbrella) RANDOM FANART OC MY AVATAR OC
  4. Squido the Inkling

    Last person to comment wins!

    Right DINKLE BURGER help us!!
  5. Squido the Inkling

    Three Word Stories

    the power of
  6. Squido the Inkling

    What's the avatar above you thinking?

    What did you say about the way my eyes look?!
  7. Squido the Inkling

    What's your favourite Splatoon song?

    My brother loves Kraken Up for some reason. Not that he likes it, I think he prefers bush romb crush or something. Oh yea, it's bomb rush blush whoops
  8. Squido the Inkling

    Disconnect Anxiety

    Oh wow, you broke a TV?! Once I was getting super mad and smashed my lip against the wii console. The console was fine, but my lip swelled up and it hurt like crazy. Mind you, breaking a TV sounds worse, so I'll just stop pitying myself... ...for now.
  9. Squido the Inkling

    What's the avatar above you thinking?

    Eat the rage.
  10. Squido the Inkling

    Disconnect Anxiety

    I have a switch, but I don't want to buy splatoon 2 since I have splatoon 1. Now...I'm starting to think different. For those of you who don't experience the pain and suffering of disconnecting on splatoon 1, let me tell you how much I go through 🤬 First of all, everything freaks out and...
  11. Squido the Inkling

    Why do people complain about the younger players of splatoon 2

    Same. I'm also 14 but I feel like everyone looks over me all the time. They say oh, but you're only 14, you can't go on squidboards, oh, you're such a baby. Page after page after page of yuck yuck yuck. I can do what I WANT. If anybody here is gonna be nasty about my age than shut up about it ok.
  12. Squido the Inkling

    Message to Anyone.

    Why are you here, ripping apart my life? You're not just bullies, you are a threat to me and my family. I don't want your stupid drugs. You destroyed someone I love. You locked up my friends, leaving them crying in their rooms, you crunched my life in half like a downright idiot. You are a...
  13. Squido the Inkling

    Last person to comment wins!

    ok i win C:
  14. Squido the Inkling

    Last person to comment wins!

    I just posted this so I could win (baku you're going DOWN)
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