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  • Hey were you the .96 gal i saw in C rank? on some sort of alt? i was usin my alt, a carbon roller at the time. too bad our last lobby didnt get filled and timed out.
    Haha, that was my account, but it was my little brother playing. Even after playing this game for more than a year, I can't use anything except the krak-on roller.
    I would like to join your team, I sent you a conversation with more info. Quick overview: I am a S+ Shooter, Sniper, and Slosher main who can play any weapon from those categories. Also a friend of power
    Heya Wizdo8909, thanks for your interest in joining C-! We're currently full at the moment, but will let you know if ever a slot opens up!
    Hey, I'm a decent B rank looking for people to play with regularly. Not expecting a team of A+'s, just consistent faces. Let me know.
    Girl inkling with a gas mask, earlier today on Moray Towers and Arowana Mall? Yup! Great games, your English is very good!
    Hey I think I played you before o: Did you by any chance see someone named くコ:彡 using a Custom E liter 3K? That was me if you did and GGs! :D
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