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Comments on Profile Post by D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz

  1. david Squidkid
    david Squidkid
    Oh My Gosh! This Sucks!

    Wait... 9 Bans? How Many Are Needed Before You Get Kicked Off From Miiverse... For Good...? IDK But Let's Just Thank God That It Is Just Another 2 Week Ban And Not A Forever One...

    Oh And P.S. Sorry For Taking This Long To Respond. I Will Talk More Later, Bye!
    Jun 29, 2017
  2. D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    I know right! :( Also, I think it's random. I mean, some people have been perma'd with less bans than me. Meh, this Miiverse admins system SUCKS! And, I forgive Dash, but the depression he's caused Kong isn't good. Kong also is sad about something to do with family real life. There were no deaths, but he told me something else happened.

    #PrayForKong! :(
    Jun 29, 2017
  3. D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    I've been Wii U Chatting with Noah, Kong, and Riley a lot recently. I did a little with J0909 today. And, Kong had suicidal thoughts, but THANK THE LORD that he is trying to be normal again and he's trying and not giving up. Kong will win this battle! I know he will. I hope he gets some special help in real life. Thanks David! See ya again when you come on here again. I'm also not that active anymore. Bye!
    Jun 29, 2017
  4. D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    YAYYYY! Kong's depression is gone! :D (Hopefully for a long run and not just for now)..
    Jul 1, 2017
  5. david Squidkid
    david Squidkid
    Oops... Sorry David. I Apologize For Forgetting To Come Back On Here But I Just Did For Some Reason, Sorry:(...

    Anyhow, I Am Off Today From Any Kind Of Responsibilities Both On Miiverse Or In Real Life And I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Play Something? If You Would, Just Tell Me So We Can Do Something!

    And Also, How Much Longer Is This Ban Of Yours Going To Last? I Hope Not Too Much Longer...

    Bye for now!
    Jul 8, 2017
  6. D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz
    Hi David! Sorry I didn't respond quickly, I don't really come on here anymore as well. And, I just got unbanned 20 minutes ago! :D
    Jul 11, 2017
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