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Comments on Profile Post by Diableos

  1. Mayana
    Gosh I know, still going strong since release day! : ) Recently got Julian to move into my town which is an achievement all on its' own for sure! You still play any of the games at all? c:
    May 4, 2015
  2. Diableos
    Lucky! I don't really play anymore, sadly. I want to, but I have so few people to play with. :( I played a lot, but got annoyed at my layout and reset. Second town was ehh, then I got hit with the resetting bug. My current town is nice and I got lucky with villagers, but most of them have left and I want to reset again. I've been playing Smash and MK8 lately so I haven't done it yet!

    Who do you have in your town? c:
    May 5, 2015
  3. Mayana
    Aww, I feel you. I've wanted to reset a lot but I've never really found it in myself to do that when I've gotten so far with my little town. Plus I don't want to lose my villagers, haha!
    A reset would be fun though - if you'd need anything I could bring some fruits etc over. :D

    I have Julian (just moved in and ohmygosh he's so fabulous), Freya, Cookie, Cherry, Cheri, Boomer, Hamlet, Midge , Genji and Anabelle!
    May 5, 2015
  4. Diableos
    Yeah, I wish I kept the first town because I really miss the villagers . I had Merry, Gaston, Gladys, Pierce, Bob, and O'Hare. I loved them but didn't think of them before I reset. D: They're not my favourites but it was they were great!
    Thank you! I might go for it sometime this week, I'll let you know if so.

    Genji and Julian are my favourites out those, but they're all really cool! I'm jealous!
    May 5, 2015
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