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  1. Cephalobro

    Lore Speculation for Splatoon 3

    I hope that Splatoon 3 is the game where Inklings actually find out Octolings are Octarians and not Inklings with "weird hairstyles". Also, on the topic of Octarians, I hope we are able to have an Octotrooper as a "little buddy".
  2. Cephalobro

    What Makes You Angry?

    My Joycons desyncing at random, I managed to tolerate the drift given Nintendo hasn't made a permanent fix to the problem yet, and I'm not gonna bother sending my Joycons to be fixed nor will I waste money on new Joycons to replace the ones I own. But the desynching is intolerable, there must be...
  3. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3

    I remember there being a page from the Art of Splatoon 2 where a possible style choice for the same hairstyle, like "fried" as an example shown there. So maybe we could get that kind of feature in this game.
  4. Cephalobro

    After many long days, I finally forced myself to draw more. The little kickstand on the Switch...

    After many long days, I finally forced myself to draw more. The little kickstand on the Switch can somehow be an invaluable tool for artists to draw based on their character on the screen. And yes, I plan to redraw Clam since my first attempt wasn't quite right.
  5. Cephalobro

    Lore Speculation for Splatoon 3

    I have actually noticed that the "dried" tentacles may just be a style choice, as we see hairstyles that are not really dry. Anyways, it could be possible that the player character is an outsider completely. I mean sure, in the last two games, we didn't really start out in Inkopolis...
  6. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3 Wishlist

    I was referring to the tentacle creatures and not so much the Octoling themselves. But anyway, I just want to see non-threatening tentacle creatures on the surface for once, just to give some variety of common NPCs (aka Jellyfish) we see in the world.
  7. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3 Wishlist

    I just hope neither single-player mode has the Octarians as the main antagonists. It's already kind of boring to see the Octolings as the only Octarians above ground, but to make them the antagonists a third game in a roll would be even more boring because that's too predictable. Plus, they...
  8. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3 Wishlist

    I would like to be able to leave a lobby without putting my Switch on sleep mode and without having to play a match first. There were moments where it took way too long for a match to start. They can still make it so leaving midgame has some sort of penalty to prevent abusing the system.
  9. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3 Wishlist

    A single-player mode where the Octarians aren't the antagonists.
  10. Cephalobro

    Splatoon 3

    One antagonistic species I have proposed are actually completely mechanical and would replace the need of any natural Inkling-equivalent: Mechalings Unlike Inklings and Octolings, the Mechalings are completely mechanical (hence the name) robots. As Mechalings, they don't have the ability to...
  11. Cephalobro

    The Case of a Missing Member

    Leaving the Comfort of Inkopolis The Octarian neighborhood thrives on its own thanks to the collective efforts of the Octarians that live there. In a house in the neighborhood, there lives two brothers: an Octoling and an Octotrooper. "Can't wait for more Turf War excitement! I wonder what new...
  12. Cephalobro

    Your fresh moments in Splatoon 2

    Oh yeah, take that, matchmaking system! I was using the Fresh Squiffer then I was put into an all-charger team in Turf War while the other team had no chargers at all. But guess what? My team has won that match and I couldn't stop myself from taunting the game itself for trying to force a loss...
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