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    My Prediction for the Remaining Weapon Kits of Chill Season

    What is already known What is not known, and is my prediction Sniperwriter 5H: Tacti-Cooler; Curling Bomb Firefin Splat Charger: Triple Inkstrike; Splash Wall Big Swig Roller: Ink Vac; Squid Beacon Krak-On Splat Roller: Crab Tank; Autobomb Splattershot Nova: Killer Whale 5.1; Point...
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    Splatoon Weapon Concepts I; Riffler/Riptide/Outcaster Class

    Further Traits: -This hook mechanic makes the weapon class standout in that it allows the user to skirmish from a safe distance away, whereas other skirmisher weapons have to get up close and personal, and even utilize their resources. (such as the Tenta Brella's shield with shield surfing, or...
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    Splatoon Weapon Concepts I; Riffler/Riptide/Outcaster Class

    Middleweight: (Angler) The standard Angler resembles the most like a fishing rod. This has balanced stats between all rifles in both its hook mechanics and weapon itself. The Angler has a mid tier weapon for finishing the job. The bait is a foil clothing hanger, and makes for a pretty solid...
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    Splatoon Weapon Concepts I; Riffler/Riptide/Outcaster Class

    *Modeled after Fishing Rods/Poles, Harpoons, etc. Hunting Weaponry in Appearance; Fire Rate embodies Marksman/Tactical Rifles* Main Weapon Functionality: If this ends up not being a fully fletched class, then simply a subclass within chargers, without the alternate mechanic/gimmick elaborated...
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