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  1. Squido the Inkling

    Ink of the Squid entries HERE

    A few weeks ago I made an offer to Smash64. And that offer is here again. Squid Squad has changed its name to Ink of the Squid, a clan of fashion, splating, debating and more. While you can enter here, you do so at a price: - You must know about both Splatoon games (both story modes, idols...
  2. Squido the Inkling

    Would You Rather...?

    I got this idea from when I was on the thread Ask Coral Thread. So here are the rules: Along with the original game rules, here is the list... - Answer the question from the squid above you. - You can't set your own question unless you answer upper squid's question. - You can't answer any...
  3. Squido the Inkling

    Splatoon 3 FANART CENTER

    Post your Splatoon 3 fanart here! I have drawn a Hero Republica Inkbow: And also here is the link to an amazing project that you should read sometime: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4PeYz
  4. Squido the Inkling

    What time do you play?

    What time do you play Splatoon? Cause I still can't find you on there. FYI I usually play at 11:00 on most weekends for about 30 min - 1 hour. If I'm not sleeping.
  5. Squido the Inkling

    Squid or Kid?

    Yeah so I recently watched this Game Theory video about Squids v Kids and it turns out that inklings are squids. But I still have my doubts. Squid or Kid? Here's the video! (WARNING At 8:27 things little confusing...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)
  6. Squido the Inkling

    Hand Reveal!!! (199 views and I'll do a face reveal!)

    My (real) hand. If this thread gets 199 views I will do a face reveal.
  7. Squido the Inkling

    What's your favourite Splatoon song?

    Hiya Squids! What's your favourite squid song ever?! Who's your favourite singer?! My favourite singer is Callie and my favourite song is Ink Me Up.
  8. Squido the Inkling

    Your Weapons (The Getting-to-Know-You Series)

    The getting-to-know-you series is where I post a thread asking a question about your splatoon self. There will also be a poll. Today, it's weapons.What's your favourite/most used weapon? Mine is the custom dual squelcher. :wst_shot_quicklong00: Today it is the weapon choices. Will you chose...
  9. Squido the Inkling

    Hello Squids

    Hiya! I'm new here. Squidboards was a lot better than I thought! Please tell me if you're new too!
  10. Squido the Inkling

    My name is Squido

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