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  1. agent8(hachi)

    What would you like to see in Splatoon 3?

    This might be a big side division, but they need to ban the ability to squidbag, right after killing someone. Regular squidbagging for squid parties I can work with.
  2. agent8(hachi)

    its complicated

    its complicated
  3. agent8(hachi)

    What would you like to see in Splatoon 3?

    We have already gotten so much announced for this game. So I feel its time to go back to this question: What else do you guys want in Splatoon 3? I personally do need anything else now that inkstrike is back.
  4. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 3 Gameplay Trailer Analysis

    You sound like viantastic
  5. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 3 Gameplay Trailer Analysis

  6. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 3

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0p7dj0WjUE I'm so glad I stopped making Nintendo direct predictions after the recent February direct I still have 4 correct. 1. Skyward sword HD in February 2021 2. Sequel To breath of the wild news at e3 2021 3. Splatoon 3 news at October (or September) 2021 4...
  7. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 3 Gameplay Trailer Analysis

    Mind if i post a reaction i recorded?
  8. agent8(hachi)

    unbanned now, Well splatoon 3 is coming 9/9/22 . Lets go!

    unbanned now, Well splatoon 3 is coming 9/9/22 . Lets go!
  9. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 3

    these were already a thing i believe
  10. agent8(hachi)

    Hello Squidboards! New squid here!

    Its great to have more people joining! glad to see you here.
  11. agent8(hachi)

    Post Your Inksona and Splatoon OCs!

    This video features one of my ocs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY4B9tKzeKY&lc=Ugyf8b9VPe4KgtiJDdN4AaABAg
  12. agent8(hachi)

    Splatoon 2 isn't going to happen anytime soon

    I think its definetly possible, but i don't think mario fans will get what they want, which is mario odyssey 2. However, Speaking of mario odyssey, my sister made this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRz7Oh1lKlE
  13. agent8(hachi)

    Official Splatoon Fan Art Thread!

    Art by Fafa Meow
  14. agent8(hachi)

    What Pokémon is the person above you?

    Sorry but I am actually a mightyena
  15. agent8(hachi)

    The Escape from Octo Valley (IC)

    Striker looks back, “I just have a feeling we need to go this way!” Pointing in the direction he’s going
  16. agent8(hachi)

    Does anyone know who mr beast is?

    First off if you do know about him, do you think he’ll ever do something for splatoon, and also because this happened
  17. agent8(hachi)

    The Escape from Octo Valley (IC)

    Hachi got up from the ground and realized that striker and his siblings had gone off in the opposite direction. He calls to them: “Where are you going?! The prison cells where the captured inklings and octoling are kept is the other way?
  18. agent8(hachi)


  19. agent8(hachi)

    What's your favorite weapon to main?

    Dark tetra dualies no contest. I will be remembered for centuries because of that weapon and this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e8NepZwH0ic
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