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  1. karma queen

    Lore Speculation for Splatoon 3

    damn thats a lot of money :oops::oops::eek:
  2. karma queen

    What Makes You Angry?

    oooooh, i feel you. I am on my second pair of joycons and i just started getting drift on my right joycon. On my other pair before that, It was the worst! (especially on the left joycon) :(
  3. karma queen


    Hi! i'll be ur buddy :P
  4. karma queen

    splatoon 2 players wanted

    I would want to join but my father is overprotective and not letting me use freaking discord. ;-;
  5. karma queen

    What Makes You Angry?

    Hi peeps! I was wondering what makes you angry. For me, it is when people squidbag me. Or when I die repeatedly wtihout even getting a kill! thanks :D
  6. karma queen

    What Tilts You?

    well, for me, is when people squidbag me when i die. I am a friendly person and if someone starts a party, I will join in! If they do squidbag me, then i will start going hardcore with my dualies (preferably the hero mode dualies)
  7. karma queen

    Lore Speculation for Splatoon 3

    I agree with Cephalobro, maybe the hairstyles aren't all dried up. but..... I think that it might be that way because we are in a deserted island area (kind of like animal crossing but more desert area) I am really glad that octolings are playable in S3! glad we dont have to pay 60$ lol
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