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  1. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! IC

    Just then out of the darkness two cyclists come out from each of the exit doors on either side of the large screen. "What in the carp is going on?", said Frankus. "It looks like we might be treated to a live performance by Hillbilly Jim and Hong Kong John!", said Peg Leg Pete. Just then the...
  2. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! IC

    Bootlegger Johnson makes a quick stop while navigating down the isle of the theater. He stops and fires his weapons. Bags of popcorn shoot out of it and land of Coral and Kelp's laps. This is a sweetened type of popcorn with caramel. Bootlegger Johnson then sits in the very front row. Just then...
  3. frankus

    Posted ticker-tack-attack technique.

    Posted ticker-tack-attack technique.
  4. frankus

    The Ticker Tack Attack

    The ticker-tack-attack involves circling around your opponents, confusing them and then when they are facing a direction away from you to sneak up and blast them to nothing! Weapons First off a long range weapon is best for this attack. Do not use weapons that take a long time to charge. Try to...
  5. frankus

    General Guide The Ticker Tack Attack

    frankus submitted a new resource: The Ticker Tack Attack - Confuse and crush your opponents with this awesome attack! Read more about this resource...
  6. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! IC

    "One for Make Turf Love, Not Turf War.", says Bootlegger Johnson to the flounder. "Sure thing.", says the flounder. "I've seen this movie when I was in the Octarian city of Octopolis.", remarked Bootlegger Johnson. "You go to Octarian Domes?", asked the flounder. "Well, sure. I mean I do a...
  7. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! IC

    "Not a problem. You two have a good time. I was just worried about your friend.", says Bicycle Mike now heading off with his bicycle to eat the food he bought. In the distance we see sparks flying down the road as Hillbilly Jim is dragging his pitchfork on the ground while riding his bike...
  8. frankus

    Samino on YouTube

    Just subscribed!
  9. frankus

    Man, I love this site! Finally, I can share my ideas about inklings fightings from bikes!

    Man, I love this site! Finally, I can share my ideas about inklings fightings from bikes!
  10. frankus

    Weapons that could exist in Splatoon

    Hedge Gun It is basically a pipe with a plunger at the end. It does not connect with your ink tank so you have to dip it in your teammate's ink. You load it by dipping the nozzle in the ink, sucking it up, and firing the ink far. The shooting distance is sixty feet which is enough to cover more...
  11. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! Character Sheets

    What do you think of my new OCs?
  12. frankus

    Lore Reminder Thread

    The Octarian city of Octopolis lies in Dome 3. It has streets, super markets, and even police!
  13. frankus

    Send me your Splatoon OCs!

    These are really cool. I want to learn to draw too. It would be cool to draw my OCs Bicycle Mike, Peg Leg Pete, Hong Kong John, Kalamari Keith, Frankus, and Bootlegger Johnson. I could bring my characters to life with drawing!
  14. frankus

    Squidboards Premium Update

  15. frankus

    Squid Game in a Game with ACTUAL squids

    It's cool. There is another video where this dude hacks Splatoon. He hacks Splatoon and is able to extract the models and even rebuilt the levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5bSv12p74o I'm thinking of hacking Splatoon also because I want to make the birds playable. It would be cool to...
  16. frankus

    What Makes You Angry?

    I have so many idea for new Splatoon weapons that it isn't even funny! Like this new one that I thought of this morning. It's mop but you dip it in an ink bucket connected to the front side of your bike. So do you mop the floor with ink? Nope, you fling it a people and can do it in up to 320...
  17. frankus

    I have so many ideas about Splatoon OCs riding bicycles. Pretty soon I may be able to make a...

    I have so many ideas about Splatoon OCs riding bicycles. Pretty soon I may be able to make a game! Just kidding!
  18. frankus

    Infestation in Inkopolis! Character Sheets

    Name: Bootlegger Johnson Age: 35 Species: Inkling Appearance: He's a dark haired Inkling with a beard. He sports a leather jacket, black pants, and a blue bandana. He carries a large PVC pipe with an elbow at the end and a hole in the cap. This is his weapon. On one of his legs he wears a long...
  19. frankus

    What Makes You Angry?

    Not being able to fire my L3 Nozzle Gun sometimes because I think it jams. That sucks! I wish I could program a new weapon in - the hedge gun!
  20. frankus

    How Do I Change My Inkling To Octoling [Forums]?

    We should make it our new years resolution to go premium. It's cheap and you get ink on your posts!
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