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  1. samaya

    What Makes You Angry?

    true ヾ(≧へ≦)〃
  2. samaya

    thank you sooo much! sorry i didnt see it yesterday but im glad i did now

    thank you sooo much! sorry i didnt see it yesterday but im glad i did now
  3. samaya

    Looking for team

    uhhh im lvl *59
  4. samaya

    Looking for team

    i learned a few new tricks with my dualies too!
  5. samaya

    gimmie ur ocs

    lol i love them
  6. samaya

    Looking for team

    i'm attempting that ahaha
  7. samaya

    Looking for team

    i'll destroy you
  8. samaya

    Looking for team

    i can join
  9. samaya

    gimmie ur ocs

  10. samaya

    Looking for team

  11. samaya

    What time do you play?

    midday-night almost neva in da morning
  12. samaya

    gimmie ur ocs

    10/10 pretty kroggers and they are looking pretty fresh
  13. samaya

    gimmie ur ocs

    i wanna rate ur ocs because em bored
  14. samaya

    Splatoon 2 Will Not Update

  15. samaya

    Team balancing is terribly designed

    true it sometimes gets annoying but there is always sneaking up on them thats how i take em out (or if its a squiffer then i'll just go straight for it dunno why)
  16. samaya

    stuff i discovered

  17. samaya

    stuff i discovered

  18. samaya

    stuff i discovered

    so for the last of my summer vaca i have been looking in a deep deep dive into splatoon 2 unused stuff and i found a great video of the e3 demo from January that shows a lot of really old textures, old reef and ofc old music (though only 2 things stay the same). also originally dualies were...
  19. samaya

    Would You Rather...?

    guns lol i can substraive better
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