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  1. TheRapture

    The Squidboards Splat Series Returns on December 11th!

    That's right, it's back! The Squidboards Splat Series returns on December 11th with a free-to-enter tournament for players of all skill levels. Get your team together and sign up on Battlefy to compete! Be sure to join our Discord server for the day of the event, and check the event page for...
  2. TheRapture

    Tournament Squidboards Splat Series - December 2021

    It's back! The Squidboards Splat Series returns this December 11th! The Squidboards Splat Series is a Splatoon 2 online tournament series for players of all skill levels. Tournaments are free to enter. Our December 11th event brings back the Squidboards Splat Series experience with a swiss...
  3. TheRapture

    Splatoon 3 Announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Yesterday's Nintendo Direct featured the official reveal of SPLATOON 3!!! Need we say more?
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