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Search results

  1. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon

    im so tough i rushed headfirst into a high ground, got a kill and survived for about 20 seconds
  2. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Have you ever...?

    yup. have you ever gotten a kill streak that you thought was one kill higher than it actually was?
  3. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Hold X for as long as you can hold your breath

  4. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    The Banned Game

    banned for being lost
  5. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Guess which weapon class the next person loves.

    dualies for life next poster is i think either a roller main or, if 3 comes out before the next post, that bow weapon thing
  6. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Give the avatar above a like!

  7. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Create your own splatfest in the comments

    milk first vs cereal first i, personally, am team BOWL
  8. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Type This Word With Your Eyes Closed!

    legit yopyr od yjr bsmr og ,i dxistence lmfao
  9. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Guess the Next person to Post

    been a hot since ive been here... dont know anybody lol
  10. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    probably it's just a dead website q: am i real?
  11. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Last person to comment wins!

    you got THAT much right, I serve none but the Wind that blows free!
  12. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Last person to comment wins!

  13. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Guess the Next person to Post

    YES! I AM!
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