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  1. G1ng3rGar1

    hey, how have you been?

    hey, how have you been?
  2. G1ng3rGar1

    What is your Achilles Heel?

    I tend to overestimate my range .-. Which sucks, because I mostly main short ranged weapons I also tend to panic in close quarters. Especially with the Luna Blaster (which I'm just now trying out) Not to mention my clumsiness with moving my Inkling :/ I tend to fall off places and all that
  3. G1ng3rGar1

    Official Aerospray Thread

    I know! The RG is my baby :) ;) I love it Since this is about the Aerospray, I'll put it here. On Sunday, I was on Saltspray Rig and near the back of the stage. There was someone super jumping to the raised part of it, just before the back area. I took a chance and set an Ink Mine at their...
  4. G1ng3rGar1

    Your favourite weapon class?

    I'm a shooter gal. Well, to be more specific, short ranged weapons. I tend to be at short range, so chargers aren't really my thing. I want it to be, tho
  5. G1ng3rGar1

    PROJECT: Stage locations in the world of splatoon

    Sorry, won't be able to check out stages yet. Will let you know when I can get on.
  6. G1ng3rGar1

    Top Five Most Inked Weapons?

    You know, I never thought about that. Also, I'm just going to casually steal your gear for Ringo (my Blue Ringed Octoling) because I have no creativity/know how for weapons I don't use (Hope you don't mind)
  7. G1ng3rGar1

    Top Five Most Inked Weapons?

    Yeah I know XD It's charging now I'm normally freaking out when it gets below 50, but not today XD
  8. G1ng3rGar1

    Top Five Most Inked Weapons?

    K, thanks! :D So that's 2 Swim Speed Mains and 1 Ink Recovery Main? Meanwhile, have like a Top 12. I need to use these weapons more often
  9. G1ng3rGar1

    Top Five Most Inked Weapons?

    Hey, what build do you recommend for the Tri-Slosher? I just now decided that a character of mine (Blue Ringed Octoling) is going to use it, and I have no idea what would be a good build. EDIT: I'll make a second account and post the top 5 one of these days
  10. G1ng3rGar1

    PROJECT: Stage locations in the world of splatoon

    My fav of Volume 1 is the wasabi. On topic…i dunno, maybe?
  11. G1ng3rGar1

    PROJECT: Stage locations in the world of splatoon

    When I get on Splatoon(Saturday at the earliest) maybe I can help you guys
  12. G1ng3rGar1

    fusing with another squad

    I just came into the thread to reference Dragon Ball, nothing more (I don't belong to a Squad)
  13. G1ng3rGar1

    fusing with another squad

    FUUUSION! That's all I came here for, sorry XD
  14. G1ng3rGar1

    Top Five Most Inked Weapons?

    I know it says Top 5 but here, have a Top 6. I'm surprised that Wasabi made it up there so fast, I picked it up like 2 weekends ago. Also, I haven't used the Jet Squelcher at all this year(over 5 months since I've used it). And then I notice that I probably have the lowest Top 6 points here. I...
  15. G1ng3rGar1

    Going for a "drown"

    I have a head canon that this only kills inklings in turf war, and if you have strong control over your kid form you do just fine around water. If you don't(or haven't gotten it or are currently a squid), then the water gets to the ink. Nintendo/Sega logic. And I'm a squid kid.
  16. G1ng3rGar1

    Cool Splats thread.

    I once got a quad on Hammerhead Bridge with the Sploosh. I was at the part where you go to the right in the beginning and go down the grate. The whole team was pretty much gathered there for reasons I don't know. I got 3 of them, then I got them, the fourth member super jumped over and I got...
  17. G1ng3rGar1

    The new Bamboozler 14mk III

    Ish I panic in up close situations, but I do decent in battles. This isn't really meant for sniping, but I've gotten some really great Burst Bomb snipes. I'll attempt to use the weapon this weekend, and give you more accurate results.
  18. G1ng3rGar1

    New Splat Roller confirmed!

    looks interesting! Kit's weird, and it looks a little big to me.
  19. G1ng3rGar1

    Skylander's tweet about another Splatfest

    I think the Team Bananas thing was just to say Team Bananas. However, if it is a Splatfest, I'm taking the other team.
  20. G1ng3rGar1

    The new Bamboozler 14mk III

    One, it has the same range as a Splat Charger regardless of how long you charge it. And you'll need to hit them twice(or once if they're already damaged), with the second being a quick tap. And two, I beat my friend(we're about the same caliber of skill, me probably a little better) with the Mk...
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